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Up-to-date Windows 2000 universal install media creation guide


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Updated post #1 and the torrent for WindowsMedia-KB832353-ENU.exe as advised by erpdude8. Note that this is a reliability change and is not security related.

Also added support for JohnDoe74's Windows Defender AddOn, however you must use the RunOnce version and deRem a line in Run1_W2Ksp5.bat for it to work.


Glad to hear it worked for you, but I'd just like to clarify one thing. You used the July update list and then got 7 updates, correct?

Your post could be read as: "with August hotfixes" integrated "it needed 7 security updates and 1 Malicious Software Tool from Windows Update". Which seems way too much, unless of course you have added other Microsoft software that also updates via Windows update.


Ignore the missing update list in the next post, the problem was traced back to dbrunton using the wrong version of the Hotstream Unofficial Service Pack 5. There are several versions out there, however 5.1.2195.24 is the most up-to-date version and the one this guide was designed to work with. To the best of my knowledge it is only available via the torrent from RyanVM's tracker.

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Sorry. It included all of the August stuff you listed as well. Here's the list of what Windows update required fixed. Looking at some of these dates; these are a year old. No other Microsoft apps added.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - August 2007 (KB890830)

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB914388)

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB911280)

Security update for (Jscript Version 5.6) for Windows 2000 (KB917344)

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB917953)

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB913580)

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB917736)

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB914389)

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I'm assuming te hotfix list is current as of August, 2007.

So I've already added the regular hotfixes to Windows 2000 PRo with nLite.

Now I need to add the "runonce" hotfixes.

Now, where exactly do I put the "runonce" hotfixes, assuming just for fun that the working folder

for the future CDROM was


containing these folders (print screen bitmap attatched):

(sorry for the 2-color bitmap, but I needed to reduce the file size)

Thanks in advance,



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As noted in step 7 of the instructions, you copy the downloaded directory structure to the nLite working directory.

Your image shows a directory H:\W2KSP4_PLUS\RunOnce, all the RunOnce hotfixes belong there so they can be called by the batch files. There should also be 2 batch files in H:\W2KSP4_PLUS and the directory H:\W2KSP4_PLUS\DirectX_9c.

When nLite creates your install media, the contents of H:\W2KSP4_PLUS will become the root directory of the CD \ DVD.

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Thank you Kurt Aust,

I'm sorry if I got confused.

I actually have more hotfixes in my hotfixdownload directory from Windows update, etc because I ran MBSA and downloaded ALL the hotfixes and service packs when I did a fresh install from my slipstreamed W2K_SP3_EN cdrom a couple of weeks ago.

They must be obsolete now, since I slipstreamed the w2ksp51.exe service pack last night.

I only integrated the hotfixes "UpdatePrep.bat" gave me (total of 32) via drag-and-drop into nLite.

The other directories and files were not in my working dirctory yet, as I was just doing a "normal"

slipstream and hotfix integration

I also clicked "yes" evertime I was asked If I wanted to keep a newer version of a file.

What do I do with your "win2000sp5.ini"?

Can I delete the "Last Session.ini" and "Last Session_u.ini" files? I've never reloaded a session with nLite (yet).



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The 5.1.2195.24 version of the Unofficial Service Pack 5 has all the updates for the core O.S. up to June 2006 inclusive.

The 32 hotfixes that UpdatePrep.bat renames with a leading number are all that you will need to directly integrate.

There shouldn't be any dialogues asking about keeping a newer file version, I would suggest you start again from scratch.

It is generally best to do only one pass with nLite.

You can copy my Win2000sp5.ini preset to [C:\Program Files\nLite\Presets] and then rename one of your [Last Session (2007.08.18-23.08.07)_u.ini] files to Win2000sp5_u.ini.

Then when you run nLite on a fresh source a number of the needed options are already selected. For instance, the RunOnce file is correctly entered and it will be set to auto-logon twice as the Administrator. However you will need to enter the Administrator password of "giberish" as that is stored in Win2000sp5_u.ini (personal info) and select the hotfixes needed fro integration yourself (as you are highly unlikely to have them at the same location on your hard drive as I do). In other words some things will be done, but check everything.

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Updated post #1 and the torrent, removing the redundant KB832353 (which replaced Q828026) as reported by "the_guy".

Moved NDP20-KB928365-X86.exe from Run2_W2Ksp5.bat to Run1_W2Ksp5.bat as with certain AddOns combinations it would force a system reboot, thereby aborting the second batch file before the installation of Windows Media Player 9.

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September Hotfix updates


Hotfix20-WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe (found to be redundant)

Hotfix\540-Windows2000-KB932168-x86-ENU.EXE (replaced by 740-*.exe)

RunOnce\WindowsMedia-Q828026-x86-ENU.exe (as per post 14)

RunOnce\WindowsMedia-KB832353-ENU.exe (as per post 23)


Hotfix\740-Windows2000-KB938827-x86-ENU.EXE [990,064]

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Added the Unofficial Windows 2000 Service Pack 5.1.2195.24 Refresh to my tracker as I always seem to get scrape errors from RyanVM's tracker.

Added info on the older Unofficial Windows 2000 Service Pack 5.1.2195.21 available from both Major Geeks and Softpedia as a direct download. If at all possible the use of version 5.1.2195.24 via BitTorrent is preferred, however if you must use this version then you will need 8 additional hotfixes:









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October Hotfix updates





Hotfix\710-msxml6-KB933579-enu-x86.exe [925,544] (late addition, missing from .7z package, included in torrent)

Hotfix\750-Windows2000-KB923810-x86-ENU.EXE [1,414,000]

Hotfix\760-OE6.0sp1-KB941202-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe [2,424,728]

Hotfix\770-IE6.0sp1-KB939653-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe [4,209,568]

Hotfix\780-Windows2000-KB933729-x86-ENU.EXE [705,904]

Other Changes:

Grabbed an eSnips account and uploaded the Unofficial Windows 2000 Service Pack 5.1.2195.24 Refresh main executable as a 3 part 7zip archive. Also uploaded the current hotfix pack.

Added updated definition support for Spybot: S&D, Windows Defender and Avast anti-virus to the batch files.

Better support for Open Office by importing registry settings.

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Hi Kurt,

Firstly, thanks ;) This has proved really useful to me over the last couple of months, it's nice to have a clear reference to work off.

I have a quick query, however: if I am removing WMP9 entirely and integrating media support a different way (in my case by using a Klite addon currently, but I'm probably going back to using individual addons again shortly), which of the hotfixes can I omit? And more specifically, does this affect the batch files at all insofar as giving an opportunity to simplify them, or perhaps cut out one of the restarts? Just curious.


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