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  1. I am pretty sure that it copies all the keyboards to HDD. Seeing as you have tons of keyboards to choose from once you are done installing and running Windows. As for removing the keyboards and languages, i did it and the CD went from 700mb (drivers, ryanvm updatepack, ryanvm addon pack, ryanvm directx, and .net 1.1 and 2.0) down to 400mb with (drivers, ryanvm updatepack, ryanvm addon pack, ryanvm directx, and .net 1.1 and 2.0)
  2. Avien

    Indexing Service

    Windows Search is the indexing service. You will always get errors when unchecking the indexing service, since some system files are locked, so errors are expected. You may also have to go in and remove the scheduled task that indexes your drives, but normally that goes away when you uncheck index my drives. As for anoymous_person, Just removing Windows Search does not remove indexing. Windows Vista in Indexed by default, so you must uncheck the box to remove the old indexes.
  3. Avien

    Debby does nLite

    Well if you still can not get it to work, this weekend when i get off school i will put together a guide using pictures and text in a step by step basis. It will also include how to add service pack 2, drivers, etc. and ryanvm packs so you do not have to download 200+ hotfixes as soon as you start up.
  4. Nuhi may just need your lastsession file. Not 100% though.
  5. Based on your video, Security Center does not do the popups when installing things. That is UAC(User Account Control) found under msconfig/tools. Thought i would let you know.
  6. Avien

    Deleted paint :(

    If you had system restore enabled you could simply go back to a later date. If not you could try recovery console. I tried looking around in my vista for windows components but did not find paint listed. Sorry
  7. I have played around with the services as well, but i would rather not mess with the function of windows just to save 150mb of RAM. 768mb is getting useless now, even with XP
  8. This post is a year old....are you using the new nlite and ryanvm pack?
  9. Did you select advanced mode under the registry tweaks in nlite? You can then make it start windows showing the my computer icon. This would be for future installations though. Have you tried downloading tweakui and trying that?
  10. Found this article about configuring RAID with Virtual PC. Not sure if it does anything, but it might allow you to test to see if the drivers work. http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archi.../21/431410.aspx
  11. I have a solution to convert your CD to Professional, but i am not sure if i am allowed to post it here.
  12. Avien

    Debby does nLite

    You could even add updates into the disc, but lets get the drivers working first.
  13. Stupid question, but did you update any of the drivers after you installed the new windows? What all did you integrate into your nlite? Are you using Microsoft Update?
  14. I got a Windows XP SP2 CD down to 400mb. I stripped it of all the languages and keyboards but English/united states. I also went in and disabled hibernate, and system restore. I also set some services to disabled such as search, index, firewall, etc, and SFC to speed up installation. I also added a default workgroup and company, along with a key. The CD is 400mb with RyanVM update pack 2.1.8, addons, directx, and framework 1.1, and 2.0. I also added a 40mb folder called goodies which include a theme and some other stuff. Haven't tried it yet, but it should work.

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