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Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source

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When you run the setup to Windows and copyies its self the the hard drive it adds info to the boot.ini to tell windows to load setup and next restart and i delete the files and then for get to get the information out of the boot.ini file so when i restart i get files missing hal.dll

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1.Where can we add our extras like $OEM$/$1/install....

2.Do we need to just copy the $OEM$ folder into the install folder.

3.And then use your Steps and create the CDimage.

Can ne one help..


Cheers bj

PS: Kewl Gosh....its must faster now....tested using Virtual PC...

Cheers to gosh! :)

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no luck here yet either i dont know what to do with it and when i restart my PC when trying this it says HAL.DLL missing and this p***es me off.

Been there done that :/

Are you doing the single option version or the menu based one ?

I ended up making a new setupldr.bin for each oh the three (VOL 1-3)

and also a new VOLX.DAT for them as well.

After that it worked just fine.

I also had som initial problems with only getting one directory...

for som reason I got only one ehen choosing a install directory other than

the default one, choosing just "c:\" left me with two.

2.Do we need to just copy the $OEM$ folder into the install folder.

Yes, just as you normally would.



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Before I tried this method, my old unattend CD, upon boot up, would ask me to press a key to boot from CD.

This new method doesn't have that option, it boots directly into windows setup without prompting me.

How do I get this "press any key to boot from CD" prompt back?

Thanks in advance


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Put bootfix.bin into your BOOT or VOL1 folder to get the 'press any key to boot from cd' message. If you're using diskemu.cmd, it doesn't support it.

For the $OEM$ folder, do everything first, then put the $OEM$ folder parallel to the i386 folder if you want to make a cd.


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Let me do a little more explaining.

You should only run winnt32.exe /noreboot from the GUI.  When you run this command, all setup does is copy files using dosnet.inf.  Then it restarts your computer and runs setup from your hard drive.


You can only use this method to install from CD, since there is no winnt or winnt32.  And like i said you can only do clean installs, not upgrades.


I've been reading this forum an also the forum about the Greenmachine's version of RoyalBox HotFix SlipStreaming Method http://board.MSFN.org/index.php?showtopic=9442

No I'm wondering about this dosnet.inf, because when reducing the size of the installation descibed in this forum leaves me without the dosnet.inf file.

So what should I do

1. copy back the dosnet.inf file so I can add the stuff about optionalsourcedir etc

2. first make a CD with help of Greenmachine's slipstreaming methode for hotfixes and then try the method described in this forum to reduce the size?

3. something completely different

Can someone please help me with this? :)

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From your XP CD copy win51, win51IC, win51IP (and win51ip.sp1 and win51ic.sp1 if a slipstreamed cd) to c:\install.  If it's a slipstreamed cd you also need spnotes.htm in the install folder.

In my Windows XP Professional Sp1 slipstreamed CD I have only win51, win51IP and win51ip.sp1. There are no win51IC and win51ic.sp1 files. I have tried CD without them on Virtual PC but doesn'work.

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@Igor,Oct 13 2003, 11:26 AM

In my Windows XP Professional Sp1 slipstreamed CD I have only win51, win51IP and win51ip.sp1. There are no win51IC and win51ic.sp1 files. I have tried CD without them on Virtual PC but doesn'work.

Yeah copy what is in that slipstream (win51, win51IP and win51ip.sp1)....coz I got a slipstreamed XP CD with sp1 and installed it and gosh's method worked.....most probably u shud try hexing it properly what was said in this topic.

I had a problem at first and I tried it again and everything works fine!


Make sure when you are renaming the xpboot.bin to VOL1.DAT, make sure it is not renamed to VOL1.DAT.bin.......To rename it Open it with your Hex Editor and File>Save as and save it as VOL1.DAT so it becomes a DAT file.

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Any idea how to add winternals Erd Commander 2003

I’ve renamed the directory I386 (from erd commander) to ERDC

and edited setupldr.bin, spcmdcon.sys, txtsetup.sif, and xpboot.bin with hex editor replaced the word i386 with ERDC

works fine the only thing what won’t work is FILERESTORE

Have to say I don’t use Diskemu (diskem1x.zip) but EasyBoot


I followed first post and gosh guide and stopped by: Rename xpboot.bin to VOL1.DAT (all capital letters).

And start with :

rename and copy xpboot.bin to:

VOL1.bin (edited and replace i386 to VOL1)

VOL2.bin (edited and replace i386 to VOL2)

ERDC.bin (edited and replace i386 to ERDC)

Place the files in the ezboot directory

Start > EasyBoot > MENU (TEXT)

[1] PowerQuest PartitionMagic > run PQPM.IMG

[2] Setup Windows XP Pro Unattend > run VOL2.bin

[n] Setup Windows XP Pro Normal > run VOL1.bin

[3] ERD Commander 2003 > run ERDC.bin

save > Make ISO


10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          .

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          ..

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          $OEM$

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          Documents and Settings

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          ERDC

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          ezboot

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 cdmenu.ezb

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 erdc.bin

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 loader.bin

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 PQPM.IMG

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 VOL1.bin

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                 VOL2.bin

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          I386

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          VOL1

10/10/2003  07:31 AM    <DIR>          VOL2

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                WIN51

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                WIN51IP

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                WIN51IP.SP1

01/20/2002  03:37 AM                SPNOTES.HTM

10/10/2003  07:52 PM                winbom.ini

ok know Filerestore from ERD Commander ….any?


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Here's the directory of my last cd:

Directory of G:\

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          CORPFILES

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          DOCS

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          HOM1

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          HOM2

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          HOM3

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          TOOLS

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          VOL1

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          VOL2

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          VOL3

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          WINXPPRO

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          WNP2

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          WNPE

08/23/2001  02:00 AM    <DIR>          XPHOME

08/23/2001  02:00 AM            32,768 AUTORUN.EXE

08/23/2001  02:00 AM            25,214 AUTORUN.ICO

08/23/2001  02:00 AM                59 AUTORUN.INF

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             1,242 DEFAULT.HTM

08/23/2001  02:00 AM               512 DELOAD.BIN

08/23/2001  02:00 AM           124,144 DELPART.EXE

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 DISKEDIT.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM            12,288 DISKEM1X.BIN

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,980 DISKEMU.CMD

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 DRVIMG.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM            11,966 EULA.TXT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,024,016 GHOST.EXE

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 GHST2003.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 HOM1.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 HOM2.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 HOM3.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 LOADER.BIN

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 MEMTEST.IMG

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         2,949,120 NTFS.IMG

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         2,949,120 PARTMGR8.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 PASS.BIN

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         2,949,120 PM7.IMG

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 PROOF.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM               112 SERIALS.TXT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM            11,387 SPNOTES.HTM

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 VOL1.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 VOL2.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 VOL3.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM                10 WIN51

08/23/2001  02:00 AM                10 WIN51IC

08/23/2001  02:00 AM                 2 WIN51IC.SP1

08/23/2001  02:00 AM                10 WIN51IP

08/23/2001  02:00 AM                 2 WIN51IP.SP1

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 WIN95.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 WIN98.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM               167 WINBOM.INI

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 WINME.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM         1,474,560 WIPE.IMA

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 WNP2.DAT

08/23/2001  02:00 AM             2,048 WNPE.DAT

              40 File(s)     24,858,281 bytes

              13 Dir(s)               0 bytes free

So then, where are the $OEM$ folders specifically in this structure? Is the WINXPPRO dir originally the XP Pro i386 directory just renamed?

I'm making a DVD with about 5 different operating systems, and basically I was wondering where to put my $OEM$ folder for the XP install. Alongside the i386 folder (or renamed) for XP? And will I need to make anything point to it? If the XP Pro i386 folder is renamed to XPRO do it put it alongside that folder, or inside it?

Thanks for the help.

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This is something i am going to try as i like the idea, But i have one question for you.

When is the HAL created?

If it is in the stage that creates the two folders then this process is only good for the pc it is created on.

If it is after that then all is well and it can be used for all pc's.

i want to try this method but i must know the answer to this question

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Live i've said many times before, you DONT need a dosnet.inf file if you use my method.


:) I'm almost afraid to ask more, but I still want to know if this methods is compatible with installing unattended hotfixes in a way that the most recent files are one the CD., so that in case of reinstallation of some files the hotfixes are not overwritten with old files.

In other words how to put in post SP1 hotfixes in this install during the setup and not in a batch or guirunonce, after the setup?

I've know tried this method and installed the hotfixes in guirunonce and that produced a lot of garbage in my system folder regarding these hotfixes. :rolleyes:

that's why I asked how to combine the methodes, I'll be fine not to use dosnet.inf, but please tell me then how to correctly install hotfixes with a minimum off garbage production>?

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