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  1. @keytotime 1)Increases install time? What by two minutes, the only time you'll ever install it? If you can't spare two minutes you must lead a very important life. 2) Increases size of XP cd? By 4.5mb? If you aren't using any $OEM$ folders on your cd your XP installation would easily fit on a cd with room to spare anyway. 3) Increases size of XP when installed?... only because it backs up your files and it keeps the resources on your system so the updater will work. If you don't want that stuff just delete the XPize folder in your Windows directory (it's hidden by default). Just keep in mind if you delete the whole folder you can't use the update feature or the uninstaller. And it only increases the size of XP by maybe 50mb or so. If you can't spare that much space on your hard drive you need a new hard drive. 4) Increases time needed to install xp. Yes, like number 1, by another two minutes maybe. How many times do you install xp? And if you have the time to install xp over and over I think you can spare a couple of minutes. 5) It does not force the use of $OEM$ folders. You don't have to use it unattended. Just install it after you've installed XP. Once again, I doubt you reinstall XP every day or even week, and even if you do it takes only a couple minutes to install XPize from the installer. Go get a drink of water or something while you wait. And even if you have to use $OEM$ folders, that takes maybe a minute to setup if you're already using an unattended winnt.sif file. @klasa The updater cannot be an extra in the classic pack. It does not work that way. The installer copies the raw resources (icons, bitmaps, avis) to the system, moddifies the file on your machine, and then writes the file size of the newly moddified file to the registry. The updater then compares the file size stored in the registry with the file size of the actual file on the system. If the sizes differ, the file is updated, if the sizes are the same the file is left alone. Not only that, but the updater requires that the raw resources be stored on the computer, so that it can mod the new file with the resources. Meaning in an unattended pack, where the resource folders aren't copied over to the computer, the updater can't update the file because no resources exist on the system. How's it gonna update the file if it can't find any info in the registry and the resources aren't on the system to mod the file with? Not to mention the updater requires certain tools to do what it does and to replace the file, because it's actually done on restart using a special method. There is no way the updater can be done seperately without the installer. ----------------------- It's not like the installer includes spyware or copies a lot of weird stuff to extra folders or even makes your system slower. Everything needed is in the Windows directory in a folder called "XPize". All registry values are written to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\XPize". Pretty simple and clean. It's a heck of a lot easier to use an $OEM$ install with the XPize installer that works for any file versions, than it is to update the compressed files for every update and make a new xp cd, or to even do it yourself. Once more hotfixes are released, none of the original files in the classic pack will have the same file versions, requiring XPero to update them constantly, which is a pain. Not only does he have to update the files, then you have to makecab all the new files and modpe them, rezip them and find a place to host them again, and let everyone know the files have been updated. Not only that but having the actual system files isn't smart. Some of the files differ on XP home and XP pro, because XP home doesn't have all the exact features of Pro, and therefore certain dialogs and strings are different or missing. Plus the files would only be in one language, meaning other people would have to make other classic packs for new languages or only English users could use it. Plus if you do include actual compressed cab files on your cd that are from a bunch of hotfixes, when you reinstall XP, Windows has no idea that those files are from the hotfixes. When you visit Windows update it thinks those hotfixes haven't been installed, even if the files on the system are from newer updates. READ THIS If you're still REALLY wanting to include the files in your cd without the installer, you can do this. Once you are ready to make a new XP cd because you're going to reformat, install XPize with the installer, but do NOT restart. You will find all of the newly moddified files in the Windows directory in a the folder XPize\NewFiles (XPize will be hidden by default). You can copy all of the files to a new folder or even move them out of that folder. If you move the files out of the folder and restart, it won't hurt anything. You just won't have the new moddified files installed on your machine. You can then makecab and modpe all of the files you just copied, add them to your XP cd, and there you go, an XP cd with YOUR correct language and version files all with the XPize resources. This method allows everyone to do it, whether you're on XP Pro, Home, Media Center Edition, Server 2003, SP1, SP2, German, French etc.
  2. Good idea. I added a little bit of info on the news page for FlyakiteSP2 as to what it actually does.
  3. Okay, I am officially done with FlyakiteSP2 v1.0 Download here: FlyakiteSP2 v1.0 I am not posting any important info about the release here, all of that information can be viewed at the website. Enjoy everyone! P.S. Now that I'm finally done with the SP2 version, redoing the Multi-Boot DVD site is my next project, I promise.
  4. I'd be willing to bet I know the reason this problem is happening. I had the EXACT same problem occur yesterday in VMware, and only figured it out once I had tested it without my winnt.sif and it worked. I was running my ISO in VMware with my winnt.sif, and everytime at T-30 it restarted, said "Setup is restarting..." and went back to T-39. So, I took the winnt.sif out and tried again. This time it worked. However it asked for the computer name, and I entered "computerA" for example. Well the computer VMware is running on is also named "computerA" and the installation told me the name was already in use and I had to pick something else. So the solution in my case was to pick a different computer name. In other words, if the computer name in your winnt.sif is already in use on the network and installation has access to the network at the T-30 stage, it won't alert you that it is in use and will just go into an endless loop from T-39 to T-30. I would suggest either choosing a different computer name in your winnt.sif or leaving it blank to test it. Hope this helps, Chris Kite
  5. Thanks Sometime in September my goal is to redo the entire multi-boot guide. Redesign the layout, the look, etc. Include new information, new files, new everything. So that should be interesting. See ya!
  6. Disabling WFP doesn't mean much in this case. The problem is conflicting file versions. Now I've never tried it of course, but I'm just saying that the normal source files would be just SP1 files, not updated SP1 files, so I don't know if this would cause crashes or erratic behavior in Windows. Someone should try it in VMware and see how it works. I would but I'm leaving for Sturgis, SD for the next two weeks.
  7. Yes it's definitely possible. You would need to run makecab on every file, or write a batch file or something to process them all automatically. However you have to keep in mind, if your XP cd has SP1 slipstreamed, but only installs updates AFTER xp is on the system, then it's just going to overwrite them, that is if XP doesn't have problems with the newer files being on the source to begin with. My files are up-to-date Windows Update files, but the source files on a cd are just SP1 files. So if you add them to the source installation, the files are going to be two completely different versions than they should be.
  8. Alrighty everyone, I've finished work on FlyakiteSP1 v6.0. I'm not posting any info here. If you want to know what's new, see screenshots, etc. please visit: FlyakiteSP1 v6.0 Website
  9. I have but: A) I don't and have never used any Torrent software I've talked to people who can't access Torrent stuff from the network they are on, such as colleges and stuff. I have two very nice sites that the owners have offered to host my files as well, I'm just waiting for them to upload it. It's the initial release that eats my bandwidth, after about a day it's never an issue anymore.
  10. Okay everyone version 5.1 of my system files are finally done! Since I'm tired of having to post all the necessary info in threads across various sites, I have created a very simple webpage for the files: FlyakiteSP1 v5.1 Website Please leave any comments you may have in this thread. Thanks everyone for your support! Chris Kite PS. And if you're familiar with my files from the last thread at this site, you may be wondering why it jumped from 3.6 to 5.1. Well there was a version 4.0, I just never posted the info here. And I changed so much in the installer and files that I decided to go up one whole number to 5.0. Then 5.0 was up for about a day, a few important bugs were wrinkled out and now here we are.
  11. By having the above in your winnt.sif it won't prompt you for a key or username etc., because it's already been injected during Windows setup. You need to remove the entries that you want to be prompted for. Try removing that whole [userData] block if you want to be prompted for all of those.
  12. I am very close to finishing up my XPlode cd. However I am having a few problems with copying files. I am getting access denied errors. Here are my XPlode xml lines and then the errors I am getting. XML <copy source='#Sourcedrive#\Unattended\Software\QuickTime\QuickTime.qtp' target='%allusersprofile%\Application Data\QuickTime\' /> Error in log file Running command: 'copy' { Copying file: 'D:\Unattended\Software\QuickTime\QUICKTIME.QTP' -> 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QuickTime' Error: Access is denied. } XML <copy source='#Sourcedrive#\Unattended\Software\QCD\QCD.ini' target='%programfiles%\Quintessential Player\' /> Error in log file Running command: 'copy' { Copying file: 'D:\Unattended\Software\QCD\QCD.INI' -> 'C:\Program Files\Quintessential Player' Error: Access is denied. }
  13. Okay I can't find the information for this ANYWHERE. 1) Is it possible to use relative paths in the GuiRunOnce section of your winnt.sif file? And yes I've tried, a few different ways and have been unsuccessful. I know it is possible from cmdlines.txt and have seen it mentioned all over the web, but haven't seen anything saying using relative paths in GuiRunOnce is possible. And if it isn't possible, Spheris if you read this you need to talk to the guys at Microsoft and tell them it should be possible, and also have them create an enviroment variable for the CD-ROM drives, lol. 2) I used cmdlines.txt before but decided to go back to GuiRunOnce for a reason. Since I am using a multi-boot DVD I have 3 boot options for XP and 3 boot folders. The first boot folder does NOT contain an unattended answer file. I don't want it to use any unattended information or setup anything using cmdlines.txt. But from what I've seen, cmdlines.txt is ALWAYS loaded. Does anyone know if it is possible to prevent cmdlines.txt from loading? Thanks as always.
  14. Since the actual CDShell site seems to be down, and I doubt any of you know about this other address, I'll let you in on it: http://www.cs.uic.edu/~mter/cdshell/ I've started making myself a new DVD from scratch after a long absense from this site. I'm going to go over the entire guide and rewrite and fix some stuff in it as well. Also, since I first used CDShell, there was basically no documentation for it, and now the documentation has tremendously changed, and the program is no longer in beta, so I will be probably rewriting my menu as well. See you all soon.
  15. @venim It's not really an icon set. I bought Panther for my 900mhz iBook, then ported all the icons over to XP. Then, I hacked about 73 files with ResHacker, replaced all their icons with OS X icons that go up to 128x128, and replaced them on my computer. I had an installer for this, but the community I belong to that does stuff like this ate up 9GB of my monthly 10GB in THREE days, so I had to pull the download.
  16. No, it's ObjectDock, which today just hit version 1.0 RC1. www.objectdock.com
  17. This screen is actually a seperate install in my Multi-Boot DVD. My winntbbu.dll I have XP Pro SP1 regular, unattended, and OEMpreinstall. Then I have a seperate entry for XP Pro OSX Edition, which, when chosen, will make my desktop look like this.
  18. Heck yeah for using my files! Anyway, mine is pretty plain. I've added a section to my multi-boot dvd for "Windows XP Pro OSX Edition". If you select it, it will install everything needed to make the system look like this on first boot. Fun stuff, lol. My Desktop
  19. What about searching the registry and deleting all the keys under Paint Shop Pro or under "Jasc Software" or whatever it's under. Just delete every key possible related to Jasc or PSP. Also, make sure to login under both of the accounts and search, since the "HKEY Current User" registry entries will change under different accounts.
  20. Well, you could use an "IF" statement in your batch file. Example for PowerDVD 5 IF %systemdrive%=C ECHO. ECHO Installing Cyberlink PowerDVD 5.0 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\PowerDVD5\Setup.exe -s %systemdrive%\install\Applications\PowerDVD5\setup.iss IF %systemdrive%=D ECHO. ECHO Installing Cyberlink PowerDVD 5.0 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\PowerDVD5\Setup.exe -s %systemdrive%\install\Applications\PowerDVD5\setup2.iss Then, in the setup.iss file for the C:\ it says: szDir=C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD Make a copy of setup.iss, call it setup2.iss, and change: szDir=C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD to szDir=D:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD That's just a possibility, I don't know if it would truly work, but I can't see why not.
  21. No, see, I can get the character into my batch file with just copy and paste, but, when the batch runs it doesn't see that character because it is not supported in the font set it uses. Actually it may be listed, but it doesn't support an 'Alt+xxxx' keystroke command. It says: Character Code : 0xF1
  22. http://www.tech-hints.com Just incorporate all of the information given for a certain OS onto one cd. Right now I've used the info there to construct a DVD with: XP Pro SP1 XP Home SP1 Retail Server 2003 Enterprise Server 2003 Standard Server 2003 Web Server 2003 Advanced DataCenter 2000 Pro 2000 Advanced Server 98 SE ME NT 4.0 ERD Commander 2003 Longhorn Build 4029 My 1GB $OEM$ folder for XP Pro All onto a 4 GB iso with cdimage.
  23. No, because that's what I USED to have and that never happened. It's not a big deal, but I figured since I'm installing mostly the same programs listed on the Unattended site, give or take some, I thought maybe it's happened to someone else.
  24. Yes, true, but the main point here is that when creating the MST file, you MUST complete step 8, or else Office 2003 will never install, lol.

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