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tiny, fast, functional open-source defrag utility!


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I am using Perfect Disk on xp 64 bit on a raptor raid 0 setup...when I try to do the offline defrag I end up getting a BSOD. My question is have any used or do you even bother to use the offline defrag right before the system boots up so it can defrag the system files and the page file?

Oh and Ultradefrag looks great! It even has that offline defrag facility present. I think I might give it a shot when I get home! Thanks Mio. I wonder if there are any reviews of it out on the web.

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UltraDefrag GNU GPL for win32

Tested it. It fails to defragment all files. I am disqualifying it in my final defragmenter comparison review.

Did a quit bit of digging around and it looks like contig.exe + PageDefrag is the best solution when it comes to free :)

False. When it comes to being open-source, JkDefrag is the absolute best. I've tested it. It will be one of the top in the list in my defragmenter comparison review.

O&O finds 0.001% Fragmentation after using JKDefrag. Nice. :)

No defragmenter exists that will guarantee you a 100% defragmented HDD after the first pass. It could just as easily be the other way around.

I have seen freeware/open source defragment drives further after commercial software was finished and vise versa.

If the defragmenter successfully defragments the drive and performs file placement which both JkDefrag and O&O do, it really doesn't matter in a real-world scheme which one you use. I'd logically go with the free one.

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Care to try this?

(NOT a FULL defragmenting software, but similar to Sysinternals Contig, may be of use for "selected" defragmenting)




Already did. It's worse than UltraDefrag in that it fails to defragment all files and does not perform file placement. Not being included in my final review.

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