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  1. So, it Requires: - Windows 2000, SP4 & IE6 preffered (not tested with IE5) - 32-bit video mode. If your videocard does not support it, you're out of luck. Installing RP 2.01 [attached to this post]: - Extract/Run setuprp.exe [safe mode recommended] - Reboot ===================== hello ! anyone , Can you help me ? My PC restart to Blue Screen [ERROR!]after i installed the RP202. 1.My PC: P4 3.0G + Memory 1G + FX5200 +80G Windows2000sp4+Chinese[language] + IE6 2.Without net.framework2.0 3.Without Vista icon pack3.0 4.What are the Requires for before RP202 Installer? 5.How to install the RP202 ? step by step ?
  2. hello ! damian666 , I don't know your meaning of "i wuld have to get my hands on some chinese dialogs... got some?" Can you tell me ? but i havn't need some chinese dialogs .
  3. hello! anyone! =============== [This installer is designed to work on the following operating systems and languages: - Windows 2000 sp4 - With the following languages: Dutch, German, English, Spanish ] =============== Can the Vistapack1.6.0R installer is support Windows 2000 sp4[OS]+Chinese(language) ? Can you tell me ? Thanks a lot!

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