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a sample autounattend.xml - working good

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... also let me know how you get on with %CDRoot% dont have a chance to test tommorrow busy but last time ...

Hello maxX & urie!

Like expected %CDRoot% does not work to install drivers during WinPE pass.

For the moment I try to use my own %DriversRoot% variable using setx.exe. But I'm not successfull. Well... if I check the registry in WinPE using regedit. %DriversRoot% seems to be setted to Environment. But if I open a cmd-Windows the DriversRoot variable does not appear in the list even it's present in the registry.


Forget about this part... global environment can't be set in running system. :whistle:

Starting Setup from WinPE results in an error that boot critical drivers are not valid. This error means, it can not find the path. So %DriversRoot% variable does not work.

Do you have any ideas here?



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If you want to get rid of the configetroot folder just add a



%systemroot%\System32\cmd /c "rd /S /Q %systemroot%\ConfigSetRoot"

I use it to remove files copied from my usb drive during setup, but I understand the issue when running configset from dvd :/

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@ EmRoD:

For sure this works, but it's not like installing drivers from DVD. We're trying to find a method, where drivers getting installed right away from the media. If you're installing from DVD for example using configsetroot the Vista DVD will be copied to your HD two times. That's not wasting time only in worst case you could run out of Disk space during installation.


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It doesnt work for me, each time i edit things like the KEY , and userlocale it wont open after saving.

Im using a Dutch Vista by the way.


got it working now, only there are more things peolle need to change then only the REMOVED

Your account is in it with password, and your time zones

You might change the first post.

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here's a working sample, made for my preferences

your right I don't understand here's a working sample, made for my preferences


what I'm trying to say is a lot of these have been posted and not even 1 will work for you, you need the WAIK and be very careful even then, a bad entry will crash you, been there done that about a 100 times till I got what I wanted from all my tests

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Looks like i'm not so scared of the "UseConfigSetRoot" tag now anymore.

Because i do end up using it anyways, for the sake of running automated scripts after copying files over to HDD using the $OEM$ folder path (which needs above tag).

So i just delete %configsetroot% folder now at the end of my scripts.

(for those who havent already read about this in the beginning of this topic, u need to use the UseConfigSetRoot tag in your xml, if u want to use the $OEM$ tree. And u can specify %configsetroot%\drivers, in your xml, to get Setup to pick up drivers automatically from dvdroot\drivers folder. I was afraid to use this feature since the entire dvd would get copied - but then realised it would get copied anyways, for the purpose i'm looking at, so cant avoid the copying of that folder)

Now my recent discovery, is that i dont need to bother with the unattend.xml to set a directory to pickup drivers from!

Because i can simply drop my PnPdrvrs folder into the "$OEM$\$$\inf" folder on dvd, & since its part of the DevicePath & vista searches recursively, the drivers will be installed automatically at bootup, provided your drivers are signed/WHQL.

Wondering if this will work for XP too.

Not quite sure if the above even makes sense at all to a beginner, but those of you who've been looking for a straight-forward way for this, might find it useful. If you want clarifications, just ask! :)

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Hey guys few q's

How to stop windows on first show to setup further users? Also the home ofice network setup screen thing?

I have the following in my xml


Do I need to set skip machine oobe as well as Admin set & autologon toggled on.

<settings pass="specialize">
<component name="Microsoft-Windows-UnattendedJoin" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

Do I need to nominate something else in the ans file to skip the setup network lot?

Thanks Fellas


Choosing skip machine setting sorted the user screen as expected, although waik setting depracated. Works fine though.

I also changed my network setting from Other to Work however pops the network screen up with Work highlighted? Not a real biggy though.

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Thanks for your pointers.

In the MS AIK guide, it explains how vista will search for the unattend.xml from removable media. However I wish to install Vista from a USB flash drive, is there a way to get the install to search a folder within the same media?

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