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  1. Yes I've done thats... But I put the regtweaks to the oobeSystem, so it's good now. But I've a new interesting error. My post installer software install a lot of programs. Thats installer filtes are msi or install shield exes, but when the installing is done, I can't start the msi or install shiled installers... Very interesting that my xp, do this error. I've the most new NOD32.. so I think it can't be virus.
  2. Well, I could correct one of my errors. In the cmdlines the reg add HKCU... I have correct it to HKLM and now the WPI is starting after the login. But the other problem that the tweaks.reg why cant be integrated to the registry, i dont know. So I'm waiting for the help. The problem with the tweaks.reg can be that it's include some key form HKCU? If that's the problem where can I import the HKCU keys?
  3. Well, I have 4 runsynchronous command in audituser. The first start the cmdlines.cmd in the dvd but here is my problem the sc config is working but the reg add do not. And I do not know why. And the second RunSynchronous command does not work too. cmd /c REGEDIT /S %eedvd%\setup\tweaks.reg But the third and the fourth are working. 3. cmd /C %eedvd%\setup\tools\run.cmd 4. %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /oobe /reboot I realy do not know what can be the proble. I hope somebody can help me.
  4. I have a question. When the Vista installion is started, i can choose from ultimate, home premium... My question: how can I do that the installer choose ultimate?
  5. Hello! Can somebody help me ? Sorry but I am a beginner but I have some work with Unattend XP. Where should put I the autounattend.xml? I now learn English so I cant read all of your publication.
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