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  1. I saw some example files in the windows Vista's distro which show some info about one company in the Welcome Center when the PC starts up. The MS docs said that is possible to make my own merchandize for my company. Who knows how to do thath?
  2. but how to disable those warnings at unsigned drivers' install?
  3. may be there is another method to do unsigned drivers to install silently - like using Makecert.exe for each to make "fake" certificate for the drivers before integrating into the image?
  4. nDrew

    Integrating .MSU's?

    Try to put the updates to the \updates folder in the root of your DVD. I think that it will work like it works for Office 2007 installation
  5. hmm, what to do with the prompts - to do autoit script the choose "Yes, install anyway!" ?
  6. I understood that "issue" with %CDRoot% - sorry for spam. How do U think? If we mount wim, open the registry and find the key that assign the drive letter for CD/DVD drive, can we put there a "O:\" letter for example or Vista choose the letter early in setup?
  7. Look here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...90286&st=20
  8. Good job...NO!..Excellent job!!!
  9. Hmm, interesting.Can you explain? Does the variable need to be set using some tool, is it accessible only thru the xml, or thru batch-files or normal win32 setup environment.... no, it seems to me that WAIK understands it...when I click "Check answer file" - there're no errors...so, i don't know how but it works. I've already installed that way Office 2007 (unattended) and nod32... I wrote 2 lines in autounattend.xml: %CDRoot%\soft\Office2007.exe and "%CDRoot%\soft\nod32v.2.7.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP- (when using command line parameters I use "" )
  10. Scary.So then i'll continue with what i was doing for XP uA. Run a CMD & set the %CDDRIVE% for use thru all other scripts - this was done using CDswitch. As for me the "%CDRoot%"-variable works perfectly for me and it doesn't copy any folders to %systemroot% - try it
  11. Is there a substitution for %configsetroot%? I heard that there's some %CDRoot% variable....is it true?
  12. Could you list your examples of Autonattend.xml file. It's interesting to find out how to run an application install...where to put it etc. Thanks
  13. I think disabling the systen requirements at setup (min RAM etc) will be also a great option. Thanks a lot
  14. How can I integrate cab-file in Vista? I've already install my native language LIP-pack into it with WAIK...can i install more apps like Live messenger etc. thanks
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