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6 Christmas Requests

Keyser Soze

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AVIcodec 1.2 Build 110

AVIcodec fills the gaps GSpot leaves and provides info about ASFs and WMVs that GSpot can't. Not an indispensable piece of software by any means but just as necessary as GSpot in it's own way.



An essential piece of software I'm sure you'll agree - a search didn't turn up an existing addon so I'm putting in a request.


Eraser 5.7

I know someone has made an Eraser 5.8 addon but Eraser 5.8 is buggy. Furthermore anyone installing Eraser 5.8 may be tempted to upgrade and install Eraser 5.81 which has a major major bug. Eraser 5.7 is the last stable bug-free version and this is why I am requesting it.


GrabIt 1.6.2 Build 940

This one's a bit of a whimsical request really to see if anyone'll do it. I like it myself because I don't have to mess about with more complicated Usenet software. If someone can do this I'll be really pleased.


RealPlayer 10.5 Build

I know RealPlayer has it's detractors and it still has a bad reputation for the proven spyware allegations in the past. But I like RealPlayer and so do countless others I'm sure. The spyware issue is something that belongs well in the past and therefore I'm putting in a request.

X-Setup Pro 6.6.300 Final 1 (Free)

I know someone did make an addon for the last freeware version of X-Setup Pro but the link is dead. Could anyone repost an upload link or alternatively possibly do another version?

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