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  1. the setup.xml file is so large. Will nero AG say something about that a manual or what?
  2. has somebody found the clue how to do that? That works?
  3. When somebody figured out this please post the guide tnx
  4. Did anyone know how to silent install itunes 8.0.1 tnx
  5. Did anyone know how to silent install nero 9 tnx
  6. its works when you have orig xp cd but when you have vindows vista then you must delete all hdd format full from dos then work the nlite cd
  7. what is with ver 3.5 can someone update that packs with updates for framework
  8. Yes sorry i meen Avicodec to 113 sory for that
  9. Yes great work Im now taking allot time for vista and o2k7 will post a guide
  10. How to make that vista and o2k7 can be instaled together on one dvd tnx
  11. d a m n bad is that and when it will than for now on is the only one solution WPI?
  12. Where can i find vlite vista addons like the same as for nlite and WinXP? Please help
  13. CAN YOU UPDATE TO Codec 8.1 build 14 TNX
  14. Yes ok but now it opesns a window where i can choose Install Costumize when i clik on install it install silently how can i get rid of that
  15. and when i set <Display Level="basic"..... and change to <Display Level="none"..... the same result
  16. I always become this screen (take a look in the picture) but when i took a install of msp file always a error that i havent the new version of the installer but i have the latest on whats wrong A solution please
  17. A perfect antivirus software request a silent instal howto or release

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