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What's your internet connection like?

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Upgraded to 100/10Mbps a while ago, just had a replacement (Netgear) cablemodem as the previous (Cisco) one appeared to fry itself last weekend.


Weird how they correctly use "Mbps" on the site, but then switch to the horribly ambiguous "Mb/s" in the dynamically generated summary...

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Well I live in Canada so our internet just sucks LOL. I use sympatico as I live in a small town cable has just arrived here but its so poor its not worthwhile. I am on a old account the ultra one it is unlimited downloads you cant get that here anymore but I get 6 meg down and 64k up for 81 $ per month now that sucks LOL. But I remember dialup all to well so it helps to think what if I had dialup.

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Advertised as 3.0 but that's all I get. I'm too far from the CO. On the bright side, I only pay $21.50 a month. I have to call every 6 months and threaten to cancel to get the discount.

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