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Why continue to use Windows 9x?


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"Risky bloat? Since XP SP2 enables by default the firewall there have been 0 remotely exploited bugs"

Are you sure? did the code crowbar not completely shut it down. Also being that if fails all 18 independent leak tests and has no way to prevent adware, Spyware, Trojans, phishing exploits and malware from stealing personal information from a PC I do find that statement puzzling.

"Oh and XP? I have some PCs at home that have been running CPU-intensive (seti@home and folding@home) applications in background for entire months without ever being rebooted (because all of my pcs shut down with hybernation)"

This 9x pc also runs for months, it has at present a commit charge of 20 meg of and available 261, and has 30 meg of ram free from an available 96. Resource meter still shows all above 70% free which will certainly go a lot higher when I finish compressing my files,playing my mp3s/movies,browsing the web. filesharing is always on and I do not cheat by putting it into hibernation.

Finally buffer overflows by design or sloppy programming cause havoc even in XP due to not all memory seqments being protected

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I agree that the w2k and xp os'es are ressource hogs, but that's it, and I haven't heard anybody complaining yet, that developing faster hardware would be nonsens.

Developing faster hardware is not nonsense. Creating operating systems that require faster hardware to run is.

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So I should give you always the last word because according to you I shouldn't be allowed to post in the 9x forum if I don't like it? Yeah it's easy to counterdict other people and just finding a lame excuses to avoid the the other person to answer, isn't it?

Why don't you stop coming out with absolute answers like "NTFS better than FAT? Nope." and irritating answers like "XP more stable? lol" instead? I was trying to make a constructive discusion but thanks to arguments like those this discussion is starting sound more and more like a flame.

Get lost. Lame excuses? Constructive discussion? You come in this Win9x forum, start a flame war and wonder why we're rude? What now, you're gonna post until this useless topic gets closed? Get the f*** out of our forum !!! :realmad:

Don't you understand? We don't want your 2k or XP s***. We like win98. We really should go to XP forum, start a thread named "why use XP?" and post about how bad it is. Would you like that?

Oh sure, have fun with slow non-indexed searchs.

Yeah right. Or know where you put your stuff (like it takes ages anyway). Like indexing didn't take time anyway!

Maybe if you plan using other platforms maybe you should think about keeping your data stored in a shared partition? On XP you can mount a fat/ntfs partition as a folder if you have problems organizing your stuff in other partitions.

When you can just use FAT32...

Maybe this explains why after XP crashes you have to reinstall: filesystem without journal, rollbacks and additional integrity checks?

No but that's one of the reason why I don't use NTFS anymore.

this protections are enabled only when viewing hd-dvd or blu-ray, they're turned off when you're not viewing them so I don't see where all the problems are.

Oh. Then it's fine if your privacy is violated ONLY when you view a blu-ray... Sure no problem.

error reporting it's a service that was present also on XP that can be easily disabled.

Wow. I've learned something today! ...yes it's already on XP. Like most other useless services that make it a bloated OS. Vista is just worst. Slower, with more bloat and less compatibility.

You give the answer yourself: retrocompatibility. We can use DOS program or any old games. Xp can't. Besides, everything that makes 98 blue makes XP show BOSD despites you're beloved memory protection (which is far from perfect and is the reason for crashes as well).
You can use dos emulators for dos programs and you can use a dos emulators, sound emulators or simply keep a separate dos partition for dos games. DOSbox probably now runs more games than the ones that you can actually run from windows 9x (unless you reboot to dos mode).

Or you can just use Win98.

It's simply not true that everything that makes 98 crash makes also XP crash, normal applications can't make XP crash

Yeah yeah... Right. Experience shows this isn't true...

Naturally??!?! Windows 98 by default has the following ports open: 137, 138, 139. I've just checked on a clean win98 install on a virtual machine right now. Want a screenshot of the "NETSTAT /NA"?

Not in a real computer. Want a picture of mine? And one from XP to compare?

Why don't you put a "Windows 2K/XP users not allowed" as a sticky post in this forum then?

"XP/2k/anyOS fan are allowed but we don't like people flaming or "I don't like Win9x" s***.

So with people like you, ...yes we should have one. And close this useless thread. We've had enough to justify against other OS fans why we use 98. :realmad:

Wanna close the question? Leave.

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Hey people, why everybody doesn't try to take it easier?

This thread was started by a guy who did his best NOT to start yet another flamewar.

This same discussion with exactly the same arguments has taken place n times on the board, and noone was ever able to talk another into changing his mind about Windows 98 or XP.

So, what's the need of it?

Why everyone doesn't go on playing with the OS, filesystem or hardware of his choice without trying to interfere with what other people are doing?

And here is my take on this (in one of the n threads):



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I guess this would be a good point to close this thread. The original item of it was to show reasons why Windows 9x should still be used even its support was stopped. But in the meantime this is a discussion war in comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Win 9x and XP. And this WASN'T the original content.
Agreed. This thread has run its course.

Each OS has an active fan base. Each fan base is welcome here at MSFN and has been provided their own forum. Let's keep it peaceful and productive, OK?

[ closed ]

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