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Looking for feedback on Compression Bin


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I used it a lot and was very useful while developing XPize. I missed some features and I waited for them to come, but they never did. Then I developed eXPander, and it is what I use now. Anyway, it would be a pleasant

piece of news to see a revamped and updated Compression Bin. :)

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Well, now that life's gotten settled, I'm here a lot more and I've been able to get back to my programming. Hence how WUD was created. But now that WUD's stable I was looking at revisiting my older apps and revamping them.

What were you missing XPero?

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I was missing:

- Expand features.

- Option for deletion of original files after task completion.

- Auto close when done.

- Always on top option.

- Smaller and nicer GUI.

- A better way to handle settings without touching the registry (this will be in final version of eXPander 1.5)

- Option to send the app to tray.

- Checking on load of required tools to operate.

What are you thoughts about it?

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I'm new to Compression Bin and I like it, thank you :yes: .

May I suggest that can you also distribute CompBin in just an .exe file. I mean, of course I can just get the file after installation (or use Uniextract to get the file) but I would prefer to use it as a single executable. This would also make a my set up a little bit cleaner.

Thanks in advance.

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Another vote for "yes" from me. I cannot live without this utility in the work I do and I look forward to seeing a future update with some of the suggested features above when have some time to pick up development again.

My wish list is as follows:

  • Please offer standalone exe version for download as well (echoing suggestion above)
  • Please find some way to stop the program window cascading further to the bottom right of screen each time it is run (remember window location) because this is very annoying
  • Please enable option to auto-close program/window after compression job is complete (is it already supposed to do this, cos I see a config setting there which looks like that's what it can do but it doesn't work for me)

Otherwise (for me) it is purrfect and thanks so much for sharing your good work with us Jean-Sebastien :thumbup

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