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  1. As a graphic designer who has used photoshop professionally for the last 7 years, the buzz I hear from friends in the industry is to not go CS3 yet, if not for the many reports of bugginess circulating around online photoshop user forums, then merely for the fact that it is even more resource hungry than it's predecessor. When I trialled CS2, after using photoshop 7 for four years (CE version, which is faster and doesn't contain resource-hogging US fed anti-counterfeiting spyware) I was stunned at how more resource greedy CS2 was - so I shudder to imagine how much worse CS3 can be, going by the reports I hear. I decided after trying CS2 to stick with PS7, which is what I still currently use. For the kind of print, pre-press and high-end photography restoration work I do (when I am not developing graphics for web) it has served me just fine and I can't justify forking out for an upgrade when it would require a hardware upgrade too. But then, I'm of the "don't fix if it's not broken" school of thinking.... as well as being a spendthrift.... and I also tend to wonder how much of the bloated commercial software we used today is REALLY an upgrade when they bring out a new version.... Vista being a good case in point... But seriously tho, except for a few useful new features in PS7, I can't see much advantage to anything new that's been added by Adobe since PS6 - it's mostly been resource-hogging candy for non-pro users so they can market PS to the amateur digital photography market. Just my opinion. And I know there will be many who disagree because resource use is just not an issue for them. Nice for those who can afford a computer with fancy new hardware huh And yanno... if it wasn't for Image Ready I think I could probably be content with the old photoshop 5 even hehehe
  2. Another vote for "yes" from me. I cannot live without this utility in the work I do and I look forward to seeing a future update with some of the suggested features above when have some time to pick up development again. My wish list is as follows: Please offer standalone exe version for download as well (echoing suggestion above) Please find some way to stop the program window cascading further to the bottom right of screen each time it is run (remember window location) because this is very annoying Please enable option to auto-close program/window after compression job is complete (is it already supposed to do this, cos I see a config setting there which looks like that's what it can do but it doesn't work for me) Otherwise (for me) it is purrfect and thanks so much for sharing your good work with us Jean-Sebastien
  3. Sorry to dredge up this very old post today, but a user of one of my addon packs is reporting this error to me this evening as he was trying to uninstall one of my addons through the native windoze Add/Remove programs panel, which sounds very similar to the error reported here: Setup was unable to open information file nlite.inf. Contact your system administrator. The specific error code is 0x2 at line 2088999472. Testing the addon by several different methods, I am unable to replicate this error for myself. I have referred him to this post, but I am curious for my own information why such an error could be occurring. Does anybody have any new information to add to this subject please? Thanks for reading, Mrs Peel (Moderator RyanVM Forums)
  4. Mrs Peel

    XPero's utilities

    Hi there XPero, I recently discovered your Reg File Merger utility and its been a godsend with my addon pack building. Thanks so much to you and others here who build and share such useful utilities. I have two questions for you please. 1. Is there any way that Reg File Merger could function in such a way that you can drag a list of reg files onto it and they are automatically loaded. This would be also mean that we can add it to our SendTo menu and send files directly there that way. 2. Would you be kind enough to grant me permission to make an unattended installer (addon) of this to share with the nice folks over at RyanVM? Thanks for reading!
  5. Awesome work hp38guser. I can't stand the way Nero becomes more and more bloated, so with this installer I can finally make the move from v6 to a lean clean v7
  6. Strewth? That kinda news is enough to give a plod the colly wobbles PS: yah I keep all my release posts backed up in notepad to, in case the board goes puckeroo
  7. Good on ya, mate. You deserve a chocolate fish! My next nLite build will be choc-a-block
  8. And much enjoyment I be having with them too cos your work is so immaculate. I also adore the way you install to program files sub-directories cos I use the same system as you there ( I hate messy program directories too hehehe) and it saves me having to rewrite addon packs to go to places I prefer to install stuff such as Programs/Security/TrueCrypt Keep up the great work there fella. LOL I signed up on MSFN specially to say THANKS cos you surely deserve it

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