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Windows XP 64 SP2


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Yes, I m using win xp x64 SP2 and have noticed that this build is Refersh 1 and not advanced in comparion to SP2 last connect build. but accoring to security and reliable point of view, u should use the SP2.

Sorry for bad english

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well i tried to install it but recieved an error message and it stopped installing and backed out of the install.

post screenshot of error msg.

it is 2 errors. first one is access denied after about 3/4 of the way through the install. i click ok then another window pops up saying the install of service pack did not complete and then i click ok and it uninstalls what had been installed. i even tried it in safe mode with the same results.

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Thanks for that, hclarkjr. I installed it and everything worked perfectly, though it slowed my OS down, guess I'll do a full install and slipstream in into a new CD then.

I'd still wait until the final release is out, then slipstream it.

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