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  1. Hi, You can use this utility to remove Netmeeting. It only works on Englisch XP installations. Grtz
  2. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. It's just like EE, but then imo a bit better. U should give it a try
  3. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to change the WMP volume ingame. I like to play online with some streaming music, but sometimes I have to lower the volume the understand the guys on TS and then I have to go to windows on and on. Is there some kind of plugin to change the volume ingame? Thx.
  4. Installed SP2 on both my x64 systems. Everything is working fine. It even fixed this bug: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896427 I'm happy with it, can't wait until the final release
  5. Hi, Can someone give me the tweak to remove the New Shortcut option in the New Menu (when u rightclick on the desktop)? Is was able to remove some yet: ; Remove new Briefcase from New Menu. [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bfc\ShellNew] ; Remove new BMP file from New Menu. [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bmp\ShellNew] ; Remove new Rich Text Document from New Menu. [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.rtf\ShellNew] ; Remove new Wav file from New Menu. [-HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.wav\ShellNew] Thank you.
  6. The mobo stays the same, so i will only have to swap the HAL? Can you give me a link to that document because i have no idea what a resource kit is
  7. Hi, I just placed my new x2 4800+ in my PC, replacing my 4000+. But i decided to buy another motherboard and to place my 4800+ on that motherboard, a pc dedicated to Folding@Home Now my question, if i install my 4000+ in place of the x2 4800+, do i have to reinstall the os? Tia!
  8. I want to disable netbios, but when i do this i cant acces my shares anymore, but still ping the other pc's in the network. Is there a way to acces my shares without enabling netbios? I'm using a router btw if that's relevant.
  9. The newest driver is (Driver date : 1/12/2006.), u can find it on windows update. More info located here.
  10. Great list of tweaks, thx for the time ur putting in this
  11. Hi, I'm sure it's a config problem on this PC, because I can use Remote Assistance on another PC (both PC's are behind the same router btw) with the same person. The other person is offering Remote Assistance, I'm the one who wants to help. I've stumbled on those KB articles idd, but thx for searching
  12. Hi, If i try to accept a remote assistance invite on MSN the application doesnt start. I push the accept button, but nothing happens. If i check the logs i receive the follwing error: Off course i tried the suggested solution, but it didnt help. I have been doing some register tweaking lately, so i think it might be related to the problem. Any ideas on how to solve this? On which services does Remote assistance depend? I couldnt find any usefull info on Technet.. Tia.
  13. Found a faulty tweak: On Microsoft's website you can read this: The other tweaks are great, but i can't find on how to disable "Use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips" in Display Properties-Effects... Any input greatly appreciated
  14. now did you reformat the pc which you were hosting the files from or the pc you were trying to access the files from? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I formatted the pc where i was hosting the files from
  15. Just to let you guys know: I reformatted the host pc and the problem is gone
  16. Winxp sp2 Winxp sp2 Files/folders do not show up, regardless which pc i use. Nope, it worked in the past, i can't think of a reason why it isn't working now. Nope Most of the time the folders show up when i connect via IP... but i just noticed something weird again; sometimes it works with ip, sometimes it works with hostname.. *Screenie*
  17. It are the same folders and files all the time, it's really weird. I changed permissions like 20 times now and it are still the same folders who refuse to show up or to display their contents
  18. Netbios is enabled on all pc's, all hidden folders and files are unhidden. I can see some of the folders and files by using the hostname, but some folders/files are not shown because of some reason. When I use the IP I see all files/folders.. I've been suggested to clear netbios cache (nbtstat -r /nbtstat -rr), but that didn't help either. I also have a router (dlink di604).
  19. Hi guys, just registered to say I have the same problem. When i use the IP I can also see all the files. Let's hope we'll find the solution
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