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Simple Easy to Understand What To Install Post?


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oh, Xyberz man... you win!!! yes, that's right, you win. really. now go home. please.

oh, Xyberz man... you win!!! yes, that's right, you win. really. now go home. please.

last i saw, nuhi like criticism. In fact, most programmers do, it's how things get better. :hello:

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Hey people I think all he wanted was some recommendations and ended up Insulting everyone who uses nlite (LoL). I'm surprised no one pointed him to this topic here:


I did not spend hours reading all your replies so if someone did I missed it.

Another thing I think would also be nice is a topic that discusses how some of us actually do all that stuff outside of nlite. What I mean are those things like drivers, special bat/cmd files we use to del, run and install more stuff. I for one use a very different method for installing my drivers then I bet most of you do. I find my method very successful because it allows me to quickly swap drivers and use the rest of my disc on another PC.

Anyway before I start a new topic on this. How many people would actually find it useful? Or is there a topic like this that we can use. Or hell can we turn this topic into that? I would love to see peoples last session.ini file's list with success that they have had. People rarely posts Just got this to work and its a new record for space savings or whatever. Mostly bug or problem posts about nlite. That kinda sucks, I'd love to see someone who tested and found something new for us all to try.

Just my thoughts.. Lets get it started who has a story to tell about there custom install and what has worked and has not?

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