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What Is Your Vista System Rating Score?


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Component Details Subscore Base score

Processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 4.9 4.5

Memory (RAM) 1.00 GB 4.5

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM) 5.9

Gaming graphics 511 MB Total available graphics memory 5.8

Primary hard disk 2GB Free (29GB Total) 5.3

Windows Vista Ultimate

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i'm running on vista now so i'm not sure if my results would be so accurate..

no clock - 324-181 - 44 fps AVG

clocked at 420-216 - 50 fps AVG

it has 256mb of memory, so i guess my memory is slower than the "usual" radeon 9600

Ya, it's better than mine.

I really want a new video card but the local shops all are scammers and never have quality product.

My options are x1300pro256mb or x1600pro 512mb from Future shop.

I'm just waiting for the christmas sale or new years blowout.......... B)

I would love a x800 or x850xt

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i've never seen anyone get a higher score than 5.9 for any of the components.. that's the maximum?!

This is a line from the Windows Vista Product Guide available here

Each test results in a capability score between 1 and 5.9 for the component. Since a PC’s performance is limited by the lowest performing component, the overall test result, or “base score,” for the PC is determined by the lowest of the five scores.

So yes 5.9 is the max.

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What bugs are you waiting on, specifically?

I'm never one to believe a new OS is buggy or flawed at all, nor have I ever seen it proved to me, and this SteveX guy shares that opinion, but he's listed a few bugs that seem very easy to reproduce and affect semi normal operations.


Can anybody see if they can re-produce them?

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I actually had 2 other computers since the one shown above and my current one :) Not much change really according to Vista:


Yeah I grave dug, should have really posted in the other topic:


Probably should merge these all and sticky one.


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