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XP-ES v0.9 released


What kind of Software installation do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What kind of Software installation do you prefer?

    • ... via Batch (.bat & .cmd)
    • ... via Registry (RunOnceEx)
    • ... via INF (webmedic-style)

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Yeah, that should do. Thanks for the help Paul.

I'll be off for round about one week now. Please post any bugs, problems or suggestions I will read them all when I am back.

I am taking my Notebook with me. If have enough spare time I will develop an INF install Version onto of the Batch-Creating. The plan is, that you may choose between them. But don't expect too much I might have not enough time to code that much.

Thanks to everyone for your help and see you next week.

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Your program is fantastic. A complete time saver. The idea and the program itself is very well thought out, but i have one problem with it, and one problem only.

I think the amount of time you have set for the program to have to idle, before it installs the default programs (currently set at 12 hours) is rediculous! You would make me a very happy man if you were to edit your program to make the idle time changeable by the user.

Other than that one little flaw, the program is fantastic. Ill definatly be using it for my installs. (provided you fix the idle time hehe). Keep up the good work! :)

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Well I am back, and I have one thing to tell you guys: Even though german is my first language, I didn't understand one word of what those swiss people were talking about.

Anyways I had no time at all to continue programming the xp-es tool. But I will try to finish it by the end of next week. But still there are some things left to be said:

First of all, by boss asked me for several hours of overtime during the upcoming weeks, which is why there will be a V1.0 and that's all. If there is anyone who would like to have my clumsy programmed source code, just PM me and you might actually get it.

Second of all I noticed just today that the "Time Machine" uses 100% of the CPUs power. As this is because of the pretty ugly implemented time-to-wait function, this might(!) change in the near future.

Last, but not least, thanks to all of your for you support and your help. It was fun as long as is lasted.



P.S.: **** I'm tired now. 40h of general work plus 35h of overtime. Not to mention any breaks for lunch and stuff. So please excuse and harsh words or misspellings.

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It was a hard days work, but by now I think I can release the RC1 version of XP-ES! I added the MSCOMCTL.OCX to the zip file so you don't need to copy it. Just leave it at the apps' path, that should do fine.

There you go folks:

XP-ES 0.9b10

And remember to report bugs AND to read the readme.txt

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well that's strange, half a day later and about 150 views later and there no comment, no bugs, no nothing? :rolleyes:

Come on guys, I cannot imagine that my tool is bug-free!! :)


Well Paul, it's a pretty clumsy programmed timer, nothing more than a simple do ... loop function. That's why the tool uses 100% CPU-Time in the first place. But as I said at a different thread: I am not that much of a coder! :D

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Okay, as noone seems to have any troubles with my tool I will now officially declare the project's status as "Finished" and any further development as "Stopped".

I hope that all of you are satisfied with the tool the way it is, cause as I mentioned earlier. There won't be any future versions!!!

Thanks to Paul for his help with and especially to Budster for his initial thoughts and concepts.

That's all folks,


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1. i didnt ask for antispy, it still created it

2. i didnt include any drivers, it still created a blank cmd script

3. the reg settings that it created for antispy are INVALID HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-57989841-1682526488-842925246-1003

that key is created at user setup, it is a unique sid number AND will never be recreated again( part of xp's security feature ) Well that is not entirely true, the keys will be imported, but they wont apply to any user account.

is that ok for now? i only looked at it for 20 seconds

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