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XP-ES v0.9 released


What kind of Software installation do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What kind of Software installation do you prefer?

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    • ... via INF (webmedic-style)

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Ladies and Gents for your pleasure Budster and me present:

Windows XP Enhanced Setup v0.9 beta 7

As most of you probably won't read the tool's readme.txt I decided to post it here, so all of you know what this tool is actually about.

Windows XP - Enhanced Setup v1.0

Lead Programming: Nephilim

Idea and Concept: Budster

Developed with help of the joined forces of MSFN.org

Windows XP - Enhanced Setup (XP-ES) is meant as an additive tool for unattended Windows XP installations.

XP-ES ships with the following features:

  - Add your Applications to setup.ini (Name & Installation Commands)

  - Add your Drivers to setup.ini (Name & Installation Commands)

  - Define Default set of Applications and Drivers

  - Possibility to add "Multi-CD" feature to batches

  - Possibility to add XP-AntiSpy 3.72 like features to batch

  - Define default set of extra features (Multi-CD, XPAntiSpy)

  - Automated exit of program after 10 mins and create batches via default values

  - Your files will be created at the application's directory

XPAntiSpy feature that have been implemented:

  Media Player Functions:

    - Do not acquire licenses automatically

    - Disable identification of player by website

    - Disable automatic codec download

    - Don't add media data to the Media library

    - Don't get Meta data from the internet

    - Don't send information about player usage to Microsoft

    - Don't save data and URL’s in the most recent used file

  Error Reports:

    - Disable error reports

    - Disable error reports for critical errors

  Miscellaneous Settings:

    - Explorer: Turn off remote desktop support

    - Don't synchronize with internet-time

    - Don't show Balloon Tips anymore

    - Don't start MS Messenger with Outlook Express

    - Disable limiting of bandwidth

    - Office XP: Don't send error reports

    - Enable fast shutdown

  Internet Explorer 6:

    - Disable automatic updates

    - Disable scheduled updates

    - Disable Windows authentification

    - Increase MaxConnectionsPerServer to 10

    - Do not autosuggest web forms and passwords anymore


    - Disable error-report service

    - Disable auto-updates service

    - Disable timeserver service

    - Disable UPNP Service (Universal plug and play)

    - Disable Messaging Service


    - Regwizc.dll (RegistrationWizardControl)

    - licdll.dll (Disables Windows-Product-Activation) **

    - Disable Zip functionality

** This does not mean that you need not activate your Windows anymore

Features NOT implemented:

  - Clear page file at shutdown (Reason: Increases Shutdown and System start time)

  - Disable task-scheduler service. (Reason: e.g. will also disable Symantec Live Update)

  - Disable/uninstall Microsoft Messenger. (Reason: Not necessary, winnt.sif allows you not to install it)

Known Bugs:

- Some Antivirus Software’s ask you to allow or disallow the implemented script. Please select allow. The Software is completely virus free!!

Here are some screenshots:



If you would like to participate at the beta testing, you may get XP-ES here:

Windows XP - Enhanced Setup

It might occur that XP-ES won't start. Then please download this


and place it at your applications directory!

Thank you,


PS: Please post any suggestions and error-reports. Thank you.

Edited by Nephilim
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sugestion about XPAntiSpy:

i personally found there stuff that i would like to be turned off, but there is some stuff that i definetely would like to keep.

may be there should be an option to choose?


now that i took a closer look, i would like to keep about half of the stuff that is being turned off :) so i think option to choose would be a great idea

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@webmedic: It's completly .net free! :)

@vcant: I think that will be possible, but as Bor3d is willing to program that registry tool too, I think that it would be better if I hand him over my sources for the XPAntiSpy part and maybe he can implement that function.

Bor3d if you ever read this, give me a quick reply via PM, okay?

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Good thanks. I really like the looks of this progie. You know it would be great if it could make inf files for install.

I think thats what you are getting to above though with the poll. I was looking for a way with batch files to build my installer and then only include what the iuser wnats but it does not look like ot good of a task for batch files so this may be better for a little app like your. Although I already have the driver stuff working like I want that thing would still come in handy for some other driver sets that dont want to install nicely.

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That's too bad. I have no idea how this works, which means that the tool will be in development for a longer time than this one has been.

Is this thread worth to get all necessary knowledge: http://board.MSFN.org/index.php?showtopic=8632

I would be glad to do so, but keep in mind that I have had holiday till now and need to get bad to work on monday and that I am not that much of a programmer.

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Nope - Still no go. I have now installed all hot fixes and it still wont run - with b1 or the new b2

I get the time machine and the counting down clock but when i click on the "let me Decide" i get the error the in picture.

As i said this is a fresh install done in VirtualPC with the magic uxtheme added and nothing else.

Keep up the good work as this does look like a great tool.

PS: it runs fine on my normal pc but thats been in use for months now and god knows whats installed.


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