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  1. I currently have a 110mb flat file with a COBOL copybook. I need a program that will convert the flat file into a useable csv to import into a SQL DB. All I can find are really expensive programs that dont even work half the time, so I am looking for a windows/linux based program/script that is possibly free that will help me with this.
  2. An example to use with the WinRaR 3.2 silent install is mIRC. Install mIRC on the current machine, then rar the folder, and under options, check the "Create SFX archive". This makes sure that WinRaR is not required. Then, continue onto the advanced tab, and click the "SFX options..." button. From there, you can determine path, and files that need to be run after and before extraction, all under the General tab. Under the Advanced tab, you can tell it to create shortcuts for the desktop, start menu, and so on (multiple if wanted). It also gives you a prompt for file deletion. Continuing to Modes tab, there you can unpack the files to a temporary folder (if you have a silent install and want to organize and make file sizes smaller). There is also a section for Silent mode, which allows either "Display all", "Hide start dialog", or "Hide all". I recommend the "Hide start dialog" because it gives you a display of extracting files. The Text and icon tab allows you to change the name of the title to your program as well as change the icon, so it looks like an original installer for that program. As for modules, you should leave it on Default.SFX which gives all the advanced options. Hopefully this helps.
  3. CLS @ECHO OFF cmdow @ /hid XCOPY %systemdrive%\install\system\mIRC %systemdrive%\Progra~1\mIRC\ /S /C /Q /H /Y MKDIR "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\mIRC" COPY "%systemdrive%\install\system\mIRC\mIRC.lnk" "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\mIRC\" REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\system\mIRC\register.reg EXIT Thats my mirc.cmd. Make sure you have the link in the folder (install the proggie first, then just copy the link from your startmenu), and I use a register.reg to register mirc 6.1. Also, edit the paths above to your setup. I currently have my installs under "$OEM$\$1\install\system\". Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\mIRC] [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\mIRC\License] @="KEY" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\mIRC\UserName] @="USERNAME" Hopefully this helps.
  4. also, with that, it tends to split into multiple install based processes... what you need to do is add copy %systemdrive%\install\tools\sleep.exe %systemroot%\ start /wait %systemroot%\sleep.exe 120 make sure you download sleep.exe and place it in a dir of your setup so the cmd will pause and not continue until the 2 minutes are up (which will give enough time to fully install) Link to sleep (zipped)
  5. btw, it requires mscomctl.ocx for the treeview. you might need to have a batch file before xpes that copies over mscomctl.ocx to the system32 folder...
  6. I am currently running an OpenBSD router with NAT and DHCP and whatnot. Right now, I have pf.conf configured for simple things. What I want to do is redirect a port on an internal server (port 5800) for vnc so I can access the vnc from outer locations. What I'm looking for is to route server1:5800 to router(externalip):80 for webserver based access. From there, I can use a simple dyndns and connect right to it. All I need is help with the command and whats possible. Thx
  7. Can someone please post a list and discription of all the hacked/hackable dll's, and when hacked, what will it change?
  8. ftp://www.thecpl.com/reforce.zip can someone find out where reforce places the updated refresh rates in the registry, so i can make a registry file to automatically set it? 60hz locked refresh rate is annoying
  9. BTW, this program is fully compatible and programmable through the setup.ini file. Look in it for comments on various sections and whatnot.
  10. Maybe I should turn it into a driver only based selection. Then I can cut the code down, and maybe release a drivers.cab file that has all latest driver versions for most provided hardware via hardware sites or just microsoft update. Gimme your thaughts on this as well.
  11. that's exactly what it is used for. i understand that most people want all the programs, but say they have different hardware compared to the original machine, so maybe just turn my nifty program into a driver selection program, and load all lastest drivers for the most common known hardware (ati videocard drivers, nvidia videocard drivers, a few types of soundcard drivers, and what not..) ^^ this gives me an idea...
  12. neph, i might make an overall program that creates all possible files with ease, so creating an unattended xp cd will be as easy as checking email. right now im looking into methods of doing such, and any suggestions are welcome. this may include creating an image and burning it, but that might take a while
  13. great ideas njay. ill look into it. devil, ill get you the code when i come home later tonight
  14. make sure you are booting from a dvd-rom/dvd-ram drive. wont work on just a cd-rom/rw drive
  15. how's that shell program coming? i was hoping to add that into the XPES as well.
  16. well, i limited to 40 applications and 20 drivers because im not that great with vb code, and just copied and pasted it over and over. if you want to, i could send you the code and you could optimize it, or i could just paste more lines in for up to 100 maybe, i dont know. i repeat, im not a programmer i worked on this for 2 days while searching for code that would fit. so im a newbie coder. :/ hopefully we can work together to produce an overall gui for the after install that looks really nice and easy to use.
  17. it's a programmable interface via the setup.ini that will allow you to select your applications, say if you want to use the cd on another machine, and dont want all the applications/drivers on that machine. this is for anyone that wants a different setup per machine but does not want to create a cd per machine. this is part of the install, right after the first batch file, so you can select the desired programs. the program turns the unatttended install into a partial unattended install, but also allows the user a choice of what to install.
  18. just have a command that copies mscomctl.ocx to %systemroot%\system32\ and it should run fine. also, you echo'ed the pskill at the end, did you want to do that? I have that file provided in my XPES beta. Check for it on the forums.
  19. there is a checkbox "requires cd2", when checked, it adds code to the beginning of the install.cmd that tells you to insert the cd, then it copies it from the cd over to the partition.
  20. Here is a beta test of my Windows XP Enhanced Setup. Please post voiceback to anything that could be added later and any bugs. I know currently that if you just select the "Applications" checkbox and "Drivers" checkbox, it won't do anything. The Install.cmd and Drivers.cmd are created by the program. Other than that, look through the setup.ini and pay attention to the following: - Need to have XPES.exe in $OEM$\$1\install\ folder - Need to also have own hotfixes.cmd, main.cmd and end.cmd - For any programs that require 2 or more commands (ie registrations and so on), Create a seperate .cmd file for it, and use 1="/min %systemdrive%\install\install_dir\install.cmd" in setup.ini (examples inside of setup.ini) - Need following for winnt.sif: [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install\main.cmd %systemdrive%\install\XPES.exe %systemdrive%\install\install.cmd %systemdrive%\install\drivers.cmd %systemdrive%\install\hotfixes.cmd %systemdrive%\install\end.cmd main.cmd has: - any extra programs used for install - copy over mscomctl.ocx to %systemroot%\system32\ for xpes.exe to work properly (see copy command under main.cmd) end.cmd has: - regtweaks.reg - hacked .dll's - shutdown command Recommended testing on Virtual PC, and hopefully someone with help write a program to create the setup.ini file Download: http://rob.f7lans.com/XPES_Beta1.zip
  21. IRC chat much? Here's a preview of the setup.ini: [MAIN] CDDRIVE="D:" CDAMOUNT="3" HOTFIXCD="0" DRIVERCD="0" [APPS1] 1="Adobe Reader 6" 2="AOL Instant Messenger" 3="DirectX 9.0b" 4="Divx 5.0.5" 5="HLSW" 6="MS Virtual Machine" 7="mIRC 6.03" 8="Nero" 9="Net Framework 1.1" 10="CMD Here Powertoy" 11="Power Calc Powertoy" 12="Task Switch Powertoy" 13="TweakUI" 14="SmartFTP 1.0" 15="WinRaR 3.2" 16="Windows Media Player 9" [COMMANDS1] 1="%systemdrive%\install\AdobeReader6\AR6.msi /QB" [DRIVERS] 1="NVIDIA Detonator XP 45.23" [DCOMMANDS] 1="%systemdrive%\install\NVIDIA\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\NVIDIA\setup.iss" [APPS2] 1="Photoshop 7.0" 2="Half-Life" 3="HL Update" 4="Counter-Strike 1.5" 5="Test0r" [COMMANDS2] 1="%systemdrive%\install\AdobeReader6\AR6.msi /QB" [Hotfixes] 1="Q239343" 2="Q823940" 3="Q234938" 4="Q918273" 5="Q991823" 6="Q283019" [HFCOMMANDS] 1="%systemdrive%\install\Hotfixes\Q239343.exe /QB"
  22. For Half-Life, if anyone wants to get that installed properly... Use the sleep.exe, which I mentioned earlier, and if you are using a CD, then make sure you time how long it takes on the CD, not the HD. To help with the .iss file, set this in the sierra.inf ; StrippedDemo indicates whether the product is a stripped down demo. If it is, the ; installation program will skip installation of Sierra Utilities, electronic registration, ; installation of DirectX, and the sound tests. The default is 0, indicating false. StrippedDemo=1 This will remove the electronic registration at the end, and create a fully unattended install of it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am trying to make a program for batch editing that is fully customizible via setup.ini. Here is a picture of the preview. I don't know any programming knowledge via Visual Basic or C++, and if someone is willing to help with the coding, please contact me on the forums. thx!
  23. Well... I solved this myself. Take note... http://www.macalester.edu/crash/software/d...utl23/sleep.exe This program allows you to pause any batch file for a certain amount of seconds... So all I did was time my install of Photoshop and HL, and add a minute, and there I go... I havent fully implemented it in yet, but it should work. Wish me luck.
  24. I am trying to add Photoshop 7.0 to the unattend list, based off of CD2. I run the setup.iss, which was created from the setup, and setup.exe splits into 3 different run processes. This then kills the /wait, and continues on with setup. Is there anyway I can tell start to keep the process as one? This is also happening with the Installshield of Half-Life. I need that one paused esp. since I have patches installing right after. _ISDel.exe (Photoshop) _INS5576._MP (Photoshop) wowexec.exe (Half-Life) winoldap.mod (Half-Life) _isdel.exe (Half-Life) _INS0576._MP (Half-Life) ^^ Hope that helps...
  25. I was able to pull off the Soundblaster Live! drivers through Installshield setup. It installs perfectly. Also, If you have NVIDIA based cards, and try for the latest detonator, don't set it up to use it as drivers, mainly because you will be missing alot of the added features, so just install via Installshield. ECHO Installing VIA Mainboard Drivers ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\VIAMB\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\VIAMB\setup.iss" ECHO. ECHO Installing Soundblaster LIVE! Drivers ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\SBLIVE\Audio\Setup\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\SBLIVE\Audio\Setup\setup.iss" ECHO. ECHO Installing NVIDIA Video Card Drivers 44_03 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\NVIDIA_4403\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\NVIDIA_4403\setup.iss" Now, the VIA mainboard drivers either didnt install all of it, or just didnt install right, but it should work. I think it was because I had it previously installed and only told the iss to install 2 out of the 4.

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