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Best game on PC?


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Best PC game ever?...

I guess I can pick one, but I have to list the runners up, too.

To me gameplay is everything. A good example would be mech4 mercenaries, there are serious bugs and shortcomings but IMHO the gameplay still makes up for it in spades.

I prefer single player content (or botmatches) to online play for non MMORPG games, so that heavily weighs on my choices.

1. Asheron's Call 1 :w00t:

2. Bungie Oni :w00t:

3. Half Life 2 (including ep1 addon (OK I know its not an addon technically but it is to me))

4. Railroad Tycoon 3

5. Half Life 1 and addons

6. UT2003

7. Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries

8. StarCraft

9. R.O.S.E. Online

10. F.A.K.K.2

11. Quake 3 Arena

12. UT Classic (Non-GoTY)

13. Scorched3d

14. Quake 1

15. Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2

16. Cyber Empires

~edit~ Sorry, had to. I forgot about a game.

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volitile ammo is just a mutator and the crossbow only comes with chaos.

The only differences between UT and UT:GoTY are

UT GoTY is version 436, comes with bonus map pack 1,2,3, it comes with Chaos and Rocket Laucher arena, it says GoTY, It has pictures for the splash screen, and obviously there are some extra mutators and the original UT had a working copy of NetStats

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Okay me:

All PC games:

Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Fallen, America's Army, Alien Arena 2007, Unreal Tournament 2004, Halo Combat Evolved, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, Star Trek Elite Force II, Quake III Arena, The Sims 1, Flight Simulator 2004, and Space Colony.

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yes i do think aoeII is better than aoeIII. population limit means nothing. if you have 150 soilders in aoeII, you will dominate. controlling 150 soldiers is hard enough, 800 soilders will just be a pain. i just think that the gameplay is better. but thats me.

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I prefer single player since I've had quite limited experience with multiplayer; I've either had a slow connection or my local friends hasn't had the computer to keep up with mine, let alone the games. I also don't like the very fast paced game play that is very common in multiplayer against other human players, COOP against bots is quite fun though.

To me the greatness of a game depends on both its overall game play and its longevity.

A game may be very entertaining and totally amazing in many ways, but if it's too short and/or very linear and there is nothing more to it (few/no different play styles to master, no expansions, no new campaigns, no new maps/levels/missions, no map/scenario/mission editor, bad/no multiplayer, no mods or similar things) you probably won't play it for very long and not more than once.

A very good game should be almost as enjoyable as it was when first released, when you play it many years later.

Nothing is perfect and that definitely applies to games too, there are always some things that can be improved. You may not notice it in the beginning, but when playing other similar games you sure will.

There are however a number of games that fits the two most important criteria’s (overall game play and longevity).

The best PC game ever created (this far) is (according to me and many others): Operation Flashpoint (including its expansions and mods).


It has great game play and longevity because of the multitude of different game play variations and a very large number of additions available (many expansions, mods, user created missions/campaigns, large maps to explore and fight on in multiplayer).

The graphics, sound and a few other aspects are not really up to today's standards (can be improved with mods though) but if you haven't played it you should at least try the demo.

Other great games are, to name a few (some unfortunately lack the longevity): Warcraft2, Transport Tycoon, C&C-series, Worms-series, Vietcong-series, No One Lives Forever-series and Call Of Duty-series.

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Favorite adventure games, QFG, KQ, LSL, SQ, Monkey Island, DOTT, IndyJones, SamnMax, Kyrandia

Favorite RPG Ultima7/8 Underwold1&2, TES4, Icewind Dale, Fallout1&2, Planescape Torment, NWN1&2, Lands of Lore

Space Sims: Every X-Wing, Wing Commander, Privateer series

FPS Wolfenstein 3D/SoD/Return/ET, BF2, CS, HL1&2, Blake Stone, DukeNukem

Strategy Dune2, C&C/Red Alert, StarCraft, WC, XcomUFOdefence

Sims, Sims1&2, SimCity, Railroad Tycoon, ThemePark, Theme Hospital, and what's that buiding/tower sim called?

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