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Some Stuff to XPize, and Other's That Haven't XPized On My Pc

Ultimate Predator

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Here they are, the first is something that hasn't XPized correctly, I've tried re-installing, uninstalling and installing lagain ect, but to no avail, if it can be done manually please help (and PDF icon that I complained about in my previous thread about Stuff Not XPizing still doesn't work, but its Foxit Readers fault).


This image below are of two things that should be XPized in the next release, definitely the Framework icons, but possibly the CMI Audio Config icon, though I don't think everyone at all has this, so I'm not really expecting it to get XPized!:



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XPero tried changing the .net icons in a poast version and said it wasn't working or was buggy (cant really remember but i know he tried it) and i agree with trying to change the Xear 3D icon and also the Mouse in mouse settings (although i dont use any of them they may be worthwhile to a user who has to)

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