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Windows Vista RC2

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I'm not sure I'm still wondering what this is all about?


I guess thats the internet update exe........

I Don't know what happend but I got this,


Then I got a blue screen, with nothing on it, all blue, I rebooted and my sound properties said SBlive series and all the controls were good but the sound was horrible, then I tried to update with the device manager, and led it to the new beta driver I extracted to another folder and rebooted and agian, the sound was worse than ever.

I did a system restore to 4pm today and I'm back to ok but I guess I need a newer soundcard, hopefully soon there will be one with a Vista compatable sticker on it with the CD.


That diver is the one that seems to work for my card, from this package


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The only thing disappointing is no drivers.......no firewall, no antivirus.

Everyones on vacation when it comes to Vista

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Avast is working fine...

and drivers from xp for soundcard and pci sata card are working fine for me :)

everything else is recognised and working properly

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so am i the only that this build has worked flawlessly for? i have had increased preformance, my creative card now works beautifully (good what great sound it can produce) i would have to say the sound is more crisp and clear then anything i ever got on XP. both 32 bit and x 64 have installed without a hitch, working very well on everything i have install (minus VS 2005 :()

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I have had 2 BSOD's on this (One caused by me installing a driver that has NEVER worked on longhorn/vista though), the other was a Page Write failure. But apart from that it is amazing!

But one thing I have said all along is that Vista has really liked my hardware.

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