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What are your ergonomic tips?


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I have a 2nd workstation on the bench and split my time btwn sitting and standing at the bench. Also, whenever given the choice of stairs or an escalator/elevator, choose the stairs. Keep aware of your back posture and you'll do better.

I have seen and used one of those ergonomic HumanScale chairs. They look interesting, but it killed my back and was a royal pain to adjust.

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I would enjoy a standing workspace. For a while, at least :)

Maybe I'll try just VNCing to my workstation from my laptop while it is in a spot that makes standing convenient.

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My best ergonomic tip:

Make sure your glasses are set for the distance from your eyes to the screen.

Special 'Computer' glasses may be needed. My own Bi-Focal is set to 18"....perfect for me.

Then make sure your screen is tilted at a perfect 90° angle to your line of vision.

A comfortable chair helps too, if you're going to spend 12 hrs a day at your PC like I do.

I have an expensive, high backed desk chair, that I got at a ridiculously low price (on clearance sale) at Office Max.

Cheers Mates!

Andromeda43 B)

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hmm...being a quite lazy person sometimes [sitting here talking with people on various messengers for 3+ hours a day uninterupted, i guess it was important to find a few ways to stay in shape, and without too much aches and pains.

well, i bike a lot, in fact yesterday and today i biked 20 miles, coughed up some really disgusting crap, feel loads better.

i have a bad back, so i don't really have a good answer for that, other than my tendancy to slouch is huge..sometimes it feels better, but it isn't better.

i do stretch a lot, however it doesn't do that much...sit in a chair that forces your posture...normally you'd want a relaxing chair, but its not always better. i have this habit of sitting way way forward, however its better to sit so that your back is kept up straight, and a fair distance from the screen, and blink..if your just sitting there, look away. look away more if the refresh rate of the screen is lower, like 60hz, thats a killer...

well...now i'm off to remind my dad why i haven't touched his old computer yet. other than the fact that i'm saving up for a 3.0GHz dual core, to replace everything but my workstation. i don't want to work on 500mhz, 1ghz, or less anymore...i want good computer from now on. my workstation is not a crappy computer by any means, but a 500mhz slot1 CPU is. i want my LGA775 right now!

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I always leave my tobacco and papers on my bedside table, and the wine in the kitchen, so I have to keep getting up. :whistle:


Me too! Cigarettes away... And I smoke a lot, unfortunately. And no wine, actually...


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Best ergonomic tip I can't give, is don't learn to type properly. Those **** typing position lessons will give you carpel tunnel syndrome. I don't have that issue when I type because my hands are not positioned in the traditional sense, my hands kind of skip around the keyboard in a very non-traditional manner, therefore never remaining fixed. And I don't look at the keys either.

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@jcarle - There are good lessons and bad lessons. Typing is actually a lot like playing a piano, and I know some people who have serious wrist injuries from playing the piano, while others who use proper positioning of their hands/wrists never feel a thing.

It has to do with the fact that the tendons that actuate your fingers sit inside "sleeves". When your wrist is flexed up or down, the tendons rub against the side of the sleeves. This is fine for the occasional thing, but when it's continuous (for people who type, for example), that's when you start getting troubles.

Just keep your wrists in a natural position. If they're bent more than 15 degrees from "straight" while you're typing, you're going to run into troubles.

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Take a look here:


I've been reading the whole website today and I decided to re-arrange my desk at work... I am beginning to feel some tension in my right wrist and I don't want to end up with a wrist tendonitis

They don't account for people who have multiple monitors. I sometimes use two screens at once, my laptop off to the side, with a second monitor attached in the back sitting right in front of me, and external keyboard and mouse in front of me, using the external display as my main monitor and the laptop display for a secondary monitor. I love having two screens to work with. I guess I'll just position myself for the main monitor. Yeah, exercise is good. Very good. I love to run. And bike. And ski, but not this time of year usually where I live.

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My best ergonomic tip is to get a good comfy swivel chair, play some good rock music loudly (speakers or headphones), and bop around in the chair while working on the PC.


I call it 'Chairobics'!!! :whistle:


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