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Luna Royale and Vistaluna


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I think there is a bug in latest release... When I go to a folder, switch view to details, and then sort by date or whatever, scrollbars do not allow me to go to the end - there is an item that is cut, or barely visible that is not accessible. Can be either on top or bottom of the list.


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Did some further testing - when I wrote, I tested same with LunaElement5 and XPMC and they were working, but now can't seem to be able to repeat the issue. Seems that the bug, if it is present, is triggered on consecutive changing of visual styles - I tested few themes to see which of them display marquee style of progress bar properly, and came up with that, but it seems that the bug is in the list view itself. Sry if I reported false.

Two suggestions: progress bar could be improved - i mean the effect around the edges and name the style shorter / Style Windows XP Luna Royale just seems too long for me - maybe just Luna Royale? But that's just my two cents... Other than that, again in my opinion, this theme is awesome.

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