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  1. Are you using a different theme other than the default Plain8? Custom taskbar coloring is working for me (I have KB3081438 too). Found the problem - Classic Shell was installed, and it was overriding taskbar color. So, not a problem with SIB.
  2. Custom taskbar coloring not working here with 1.0.3 (Windows updated to latest KB3081438).
  3. I have deactivated two keys since I changed a lot of hardware home on 2014-08-04, but can not generate new ones, and thirty days have passed.
  4. +1 For me too. I use AeroHost injection. The problem appears only after the fast shutdown - full restart does not result in minidump.
  5. I get a minidump on every system start - fast shutdown, would you take a look at it? https://anonfiles.com/file/1f9523668c05d59480ad661589d84b6b
  6. You say you are giving it for free, yet you are taking donations - without any support for users. Other vendors at least give support for their users when they pay for a license, and call it what it is. Your terms are even harder - you sell licenses, but without any support for users. And you should be clear on that. Your choice of words is clearly deceiving, at least from my point of view.
  7. So the software is not FREELY available? Yes, it is. But the nagging is over the limit, whether you like that or not. So you have to pay for it to use it normally. Or should I say "donate"? My 2 cents: do as SIB - give a trial for a month, then nag. And give support for purchased licenses.
  8. Permanent watermark. If it is free, give it free. If the only way to work around limitations is paying, then call it what it is. And if you want to kiss someone's a**, then do as you please.
  9. I have to agree that the donation is forced, whether you want to admit it or not. If you want users to pay, then sell the software and give the support for it.
  10. Well, I thought that if Help and Support are localized in Control Panel, than they should be in Start Menu too.
  11. Well, almost 100% same. I could adjust differences, if any. But I did not mean the interface of SIB, but the start menu itself is not picking up windows translations - i.e.when you click on the start button, This PC is properly translated to Ovaj računar, but Hell and Support and Run are not translated.
  12. I have a problem on a fresh Windows 8.1 upgrade - Help and support and Run are not localized. Everything else is... I see that it should be fixed with beta2, but it is not. I should probably mention that SIB was installed before changing LIP.
  13. Any news on RTM? I see that the info on site is changed to Windows 8.2, and info about AeroGlass for 8.1 1.0, but no download links...
  14. RTM? Nice... Hopefully available soon. I have been running RC3 for a while, and had no problems.
  15. Avast reports StartIsBack.cfg as a virus in 1.5 beta2. Also, properties appear at the center of the screen.
  16. Since 1.0.1, I get a message box which offers to restart now or later when I update SIB - if I kill Windows Explorer, I can install without problems.
  17. @Madnikos: My guess also. Can someone give me an info if "Update and restart" and "Update and shutdown" are implemented? Also, a full shutdown option would be nice - maybe with Shift pressed, like in Classic Shell? Another sugesstion - I think that selection change on jumplist is not clear enough - when you swap, both items remain selected - like this: I think that it would look better if only rectangle without fill would be drawn on non-active item: Excuse me for my bad mockup, hope you get the idea...
  18. Well. it blends with charms bar and not looking bad at all with animations - it would make SIB more native in a way.
  19. Two little bugs seen in the screenshot: 1. If not enough number of recent items is shown in list, last command right on the bottom gets cut off; 2. Focus is not redrawn properly when switching from item with jumplist to another item - focus stays drawn on both items. 3. There is no setting to show/hide PC Settings? (Am I missing something?) 4.Also, when you click sleep - Sleep is set to default instead of shutdown - StartMenu does not close when you click on sleep, so when you click to start a sleeping computer, StartMenu is still open, cursor is over Sleep button and that single click send the computer again to sleep immediately after waking up. P.S. Should I post bugs in StartisBack.Next thread?
  20. Agreed. It should be 100% his decision, no one else's. And he does not need to explain his reason for including whoever he chooses to include. Shame on us for even bringing it up. In a way, that is his personal space that has nothing at all to do with the function or speed of the app, and he can put whatever he wants there for whatever reason he chooses. He can thank his mom or his girlfriend's pet ferret or his dog or his third grade teacher or the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus and none of us should care. Cheers and Regards Agreed 100%.

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