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Aero-Glass on 64.00 MB graphics card?


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could someone please advise me:

many websites are saying for the aero-glass look and 3D windows, etc etc i only need a minimum of 64.00 mb dedicated memory on my graphics card. however, when i run upgade advisor im told i need a minimum of 128 mb dedicated memory :wacko:

will windows vista, when i purchase it after its release, block the aero-glass look because i do not have at 128 mb or will my humble graphics card be enough?

looking forward to replies,


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even if it doesnt allow you to use the glass effect, there is a registry hack that allows you to use it. iv seen it around, ill go look for it.

edit, i think i found it :sneaky: you can find it here.

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users will soon disable these extra effects in preference for speed, i wouldn't worry about it
Indeed, it looks cool at first but the fancy effects just get tiresome later.

for the most part, your both right. there isnt any need for the fancy effects. i like XP's default theme and i like the classic look from 98. i sometimes like the new look, but meh, i gotta be in the mood to look at that stuff.

ill keep my windows xp and under look thank you very much, microsoft <_<

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a x600 is a Dx9 card so you'll be able to use Aero Glass :)
Though with only 64MB of memory you might find it only supported at lower resolutions.

I actually like the "fade-in" dialogue boxes as they grab my attention more than an instantly-changing window where only the text changes.

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I'll just stick to xp with Vista GUI. It's been out there for so long and still has many holes in it. Just imagine how many holes Vistal will have at first release, especially that it is being rushed to meet the deadline M$ has set for it.

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