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Good PSU for Conroe Platform?


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Hey Guys

What's happening? I just wanted to get your opinion on what good brand of Power Supply I should get for my upcoming Conroe Platform. I like PS that look cool, but I don't want that old style Power Wires. I want a PSU that doen't have whole a lot of wire mess. So can you guys recommend me good Power Supply Brand for my Conroe Platform, I would be really thankful!

THX! :lol:

P.S. Fusion :lol:

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From what I have researched higher Watts is usually unnecessary unless you have more than 1 video card. For example my Shuttle XPC included a PSU in the barebones kit - SilentX 240 - my system really only uses around 86W normally, if I am gaming around 125W.

Power Supply's with higher efficiency waste less electricity and thus produce less heat thus requiring less cooling and thus lower rpm and thus less noise. :)

Seasonic makes very high efficiency PSU's but I dont own one yet so I cannot say much about them.


Heres a good article:

Power Supply Fundamentals & Recommendations



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OCZ, Antec, Seasonic, Forton, Hiper, Tagan, Enermax. Any of them should be excellent.

Also once you have picked out one that you like, Check on the nVidia website to see if they are SLi Certified becayse that is always a bonus to have. Least then youll know it can take the beefy cards like 7900GTX and 7950.

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