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  1. Hello their guys, I needed some clarification on BitLocker and Windows 10. There are couple of scenarios that I wanted to run through you guys and see what config changes need to be made with BitLocker and with Bios (If Any), thanks for your help in advance. There are cases where we need to swap out the system boards on our systems and I know that will trigger the BitLocker Recovery Screen, how can I deactivate do the work and then re-activate BitLocker without the recovery screen? Second if I have two same system model and I need to do a hard drive swap (Encrypted with BitLocker) again how can I deactivate do the work and then re-activate BitLocker without the recovery screen? Also are there any changes that need to be made with to the TPM Settings in the Bios? Thanks all for your time and help.
  2. I will try this if my current example failes, thanks for the input! Also forgot to tell you guys that I have updates with *.msp too, will they cause issues? Josh
  3. That was the info i followed. I am currently trying out setup.exe /adminfile adminfile.MSP and see if this works! Josh
  4. Hello guys, just had a quick question. I have made my office 2013 customized with OCT Tool and I am having issues with the Switch. I have read online to use Setup.exe /adminfile and I have placed the customized msp file in the updates folder. So my question is if I am installing the Setup off a USB Stick, what will my switch look like? I tried Setup.exe /adminfile and that did not work. So if you can share your thoughts, that would be awesome, thank you! Josh
  5. Hello there Guys, just wanted to share with you my Blue Print to upgrade my current Rig with some new toys. Please look over my ideas and share your thoughts and comments or recommendations on hardware, thank you all in advance. PC Case - From: CM Cosmos To: Corsair Graphite Series 600T (Whire Color) Motherboard - From: Asus Maximus Formula SE To: Asus Rampage IV Formula Processor - From: Intel Core 2 Quad (QX9770) to Intel Core i7 (3820) or Intel Core i7 3930K (Not Sure Yet, Any Thoughts?) Processor Cooler - From: Thermalright To: Intel Liquid Cooler System Ram: From: G-Skills 8GB To: G-Skills 16GB (F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL) SSD - Intel SSD 520 Series (120GB) Thoughts, Recommendations, Opinions, all are welcome, thanks all! NOTE: This PC will be used for Photoshop, Lots of Video Editing, Games here and there and the usualy computer work. Also lost of Video Converting! Josh
  6. Hello there Everyone, I am not a Huge apple Fanboy, but I do enjoy using some of there products, because they do one hell of job. I wanted to ask this question before I pull the trigger on this. Currently I have the 3rd Gen Itouch and I had it for two + years and it starting to have some issues here and there. I was looking into get the 4th Gen, but I have also been reading about the 5th coming out soon, so here is the question: Should I wait for the 5th Gen or Should I just go ahead and get the 4th Gen? Please share your thoughts. Thank You! Josh
  7. cool, atleast start somewhere. I just find it werid, why one login works and not the other. I never had this problem before. I am deployed other Dell and never seen this.
  8. Hello there Everyone, just wanted to share this crazy problem with you. At my work we are deploying out these Dell Latitude E6410 and I am having issues installing the wirless drivers. When I login as Local Admin on the laptop, I am install the drivers, but when I login as our Regular NT-Login, I can't install the drivers. It gives the Error below. As anyone seen this? We have over own Deployment Process. http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/vegettoxp/Error.jpg Thank You Josh
  9. Hello there Everyone, just wanted to know little bit about the program, first off thank you for a really good app. My question is when do we use this application? What I mean is if I have all the Updates installed on X64 Machine, will this App redownlaod the Updates so I can Intergate into ISO. Because I just ran the latest App on Win7 x86 machine and it didn't list all the updates I an DL. I am using Windows 7 RTM x86 ENU (07-25-2010) Am I doing something wrong? Josh
  10. Hello there Guys, just wanted to get your thoughts on what is the BEST GPS unit out there. I am a Big Fan of TomTom and yet I never bought any GPS unit. I feel that I really need one of these gadgets to make my driving more enjoyable. So this is where i need your guys help. Can you guys recommend me Good GPS Units (Especially TomTom)? I am also open to other brands too, I just wanted to ask if there are any Good TomTom Units. Thank You Guys For Your Help! My Budget - $100-$200 My Favorite - TomTom Brand My Usage - Car/Truck Josh
  11. Lol, Thank you guys. Yes Mcafee was the problem and now we are good. Applied the Fix and All laptops are running back to normal. Thanks Again Guys!
  12. lol, guys that windows 7 Kiosk Project is done and sucess. Thank you for all your help. And yes I am running Mcafee on our company system. I don't likt it, but thats not my call to make. Here is the correct link - http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/vegettoxp/IMG00011-20100421-1721.jpg
  13. Hello there Guys, I just wanted to ask for help because I am running out of idea to try. I have bunch of laptop with the same probelm. It just happened couple of days a go. I have lost all my network connection and when I when to get the services, it was all blank. Has anything had this issue before. Below is a pricture if the services box. Please help me out guys. I might have missed something. Link - http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/a...00421-1721.jpg Thank You
  14. Hello there Guys, I had this problem for a while now and I am not sure what it is. I am hoping that some in here has seen this error too. My Windows 7 Copy is not fake, I got my free copy of windows 7 ultimate by attending the Window 7 Conferance, so it is the real deal and activated. All the files that I am working on are on my PC, I have nothing being shared on the network. So if someone has seen this error before, please share your soluition with me. it is really getting annoying. Thank You! Liink - http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad40/vegettoxp/Error.jpg Josh
  15. Hello there Guys, I was updaing my Case and I was running to a problem with my current heatsink. I just wanted to know if I can get another heatsink that will not touch my side Panel Fan. Below you will see my current setup. Please share your recommendations on a good heatsink and at the moment, I don't plan to OC anything, I just want to have the best Air Cooling. My new case is - Cooler Master Cosmos S (BLK) My Current Air Cooling - Thermalright True with 120mm Fan I am also looking to replacing my current Power Supply because I am running to wire issues. I need them to be a bit more flexable. My current Power Supply is the Corsair HX620W. Any Recommendations on this Hardware Update? Thank You In Advance.
  16. 10-4, I will try this out!
  17. Hello there Guys, after looking into your recommendation on my USB Problems, I have found out that when I Plug in my External USB Hard Drive at the Back of my case directly onto the USB on the MB, my HD will perform fine, but when I Plug the HD into the Front Panel USB, I would have connection problem. Now my question is the Motherboard USB Connector Bad or is it the Front Panel USB Ports that are Bad. And if either of these is Bad, what are my option to solve this problem. Can I buy a third party Add-on USB card that use that? Your Thoughts Josh
  18. Point well taken. I will take your advise and wait untill there is something better then my current processor. But I might still look to SSD Hard Drive as a update.
  19. That true, I have been reading around that everyone recommends to wait until next year, when Intel 6Core comes out and so does SandBridge Chipset. I guess the only thing that I can update is SSD.
  20. My feeling isn't to burn cash, I need to save cash. I just want to make sure that I have all the latest toys for my puppy.
  21. LOL, I agree. But I just feel that I don't have the latest toy. I am pretty sure that some of you get that feeling where it feeling that the Hardware in your PC is Old and needs to be updates. I am happy with my system, just crazy Habbits. So you thinks that I don't need to update anything?
  22. Hello there Guys, I just wanted to get your opinions before I pull the trigger on updating current system hardware. Just to let you know, I happy with my current rig, but I have that crazy habbit that I need to keep it up-to-date with news toys. I just wanted to ask you and have your look at my Rig Config and let me know what I need to update. Thank you for your time and help! My Current Rig Info: Case - CM HAF92 (I am not 100% happy, maybe looking for a new one) PS - Corsair - HX620 Motherboard - Asus Maximus Formula SE (Chiptset X38) Processor - Intell QX9770 (Quad-Core) System Ram - G-SKills 8GB Graphic Card - ATI 5850 Your Thoughs on Updates? Josh
  23. I agree, but currently I am use my Official Retail Release. I just wanted to try a different a copy version and see if the problems continue. I might download a copy and try it out and see if the problems is still there.
  24. Yep, what I meant is that it is not like that MS will create the updated files for the Nvidia chipset and break compatibility with all the other chipset, so there are three possibilities: you don't use those files you use those files and by chance they fix the problem also on non-nvidia chipsets you use those files and they don't fix anything I just wanted to make sure you are in the third case. jaclaz Well If it is a KB Fix, then they should have been installed when I did Win Updates. But I am gona try to use my Win 7 RC and see if the problem continus.
  25. Well I have all the system update and I don't have Nvidia based Chipset. I have Intel X38 Chipset and I am still troubleshooting the problem. But it is really painful when I try to sync my iTouch. In the mean time I am using my work laptop and it works no problem. It doesn't matter what USB Port I use, I also have issues syncing my itouch in Win 7. Bad port was my frist thought, but not all ports can be bad because I have other stuff running and no issues, I might have one bad front panel port. But I have a external USB Drive and I am able to copy stuff back and fourth with no problems. But iTouch Sync BIG Problem.

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