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WPI v5.0.1

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Hmm guys ...

How can i use oldstyle of folders layout like

$OEM$ (here WPI folder)



if so here come a error that wpi cant find X:\OEM\WPI\Install\blabla.exe (my command string %CDROM%\Install\blabla.exe)

is it possible?

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And next one about INSTALL ORDER

Some problem here: I disable Istall by Category? but still programm with install order number 9999 installed first or in the middle of other progs.

Maybe 9999 not enought?

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999999 is now the last/highest sort order position.

But if you are using a clean up script as the last install, 999999, then start to use Execute After. That is what it's for and will always be last.

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Does anyone find that WPI 5.0.1 takes longer to close the installer window that the old RunOnceEx Windows method? Does anyone know why it takes longer, it is only a delay of about 10 seconds, but I was just wondering what it is sitting there doing? Is it logging the information?

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No, it was weird glitch. In core.js -> function Pause() update these lines:

function Pause(secs,milli)

var SleepShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var duration, sleepCmd;

duration="-m " + ((secs*1000)+milli);
SleepShell.Run('"'+sleepCmd+'" '+duration,0,true);

// If you have any issues with security prompts on Server 2003, use this line
// SleepShell.Run('cmd /c "'+sleepCmd+'" '+duration,0,true);

It was the way it was taking secs*1000. Threw me for a loop, too.

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Hi thanks for the nice proggy... can somebody pls tell me how do i fix these problem i'm having :

JavaScript Error Report:

Message the system cannot find the file Specified.

URL: File://C:\install\wpi\wpi.hta

File: core.js

Function: Pause()

Line: 54

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Hey we all are pretty thick sometimes. Here is the modified file just replece\overwrite it in your wpiscripts folder

:unsure: Kel, according to the discussion, aren't you supposed to post your core.js, not your config.js? Or is it my turn for being thick?

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:thumbup I love it. That's the difference between us and the machines.

We all can be thick sometimes, but we know about it! My turn will come soon or later.

Keep the good helping spirit going on and we'll all manage.

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I am using 5.01 and having a small insignificant problem that I wasnt getting in 4.38 and dont know if it is just me or the script. I try to change the color of the lines under the category headings, in line 121 of boxes.js, but no matter what value I change it to the color of the category underlines never actually changes from black. I dont have this small prob with 4.38 but now I do. Just letting the fine coders of WPI know so if it is indeed a small error it can be fixed in the future. Thanx for the hard work.

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