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For users who play audio while installing their programs, how long does the entire install process take (minutes), and how many songs do you play (before install process is done)?

I am contemplating writing my own audio player code both for the main WPI window and the Installer window, but may just be a waste of time. Or it might prove to be very beneficial.

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New audio player sounds great. The one I original made in one of the old versions seen to give many people problems, but if you could make a new one that would be cool. I have seen my installs take anywere from 10 min to 60 min depending on the items I install. (That is on a AMD 64) Programs install fast, but I some times install all of them.

If you figure average songs (Music CD's) are about 3-4 min long that should help you determin you number. I would say min 1-3 songs, max 20 songs.

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songs , 4..6max .

the problems with actual player came from an autoIT library included in .exe files

audio.exe & closeaudio.exe

false positive , but ... the problem still exist ...... i live in bitdefender country ...

i suppose the new media player will be also in pure java ?

not related, but , i wish the new wpi.exe file capable

to run before AND after WPI, a custom .exe, or .cmd ore else..

i use this in my actual wpi.cmd.

i cant wait for 5.0 . i still use a 4.3.8beta2 ,

because i was waiting for promised 4.4 ...

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Execute Before and Execute After install process is built-in. Way ahead of you. ;-)

I made one version of a media player, but then realized it wouldn't automatically go to the next song, so.......will be dropping that for now.

Thanks, guys.

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I figured out the path problem I was having so my audio player is history, going back to the built-in one (same as the main WPI window). Just needed a little JavaScript trickery.

It is built-in to the installer, not a seperate window as in previous versions.

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i have it copy the audio over to the hard drive to stop any lag in the songs

at the WPI menu

one song about 3:13

7 songs afters dueing the install about 30 mins

total about time: about 34 mins

47 mb of mp3s

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