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Help me build a new pc


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Hello all, I need some advice on building a new pc, i do alot of video editing, and mp3 mixing. and im on a 8mb adsl.

My old xp3200 and A7N8X system is becomging incresingly slow and unreliable ( i have to resotre the ghost image 2 - 3 times a month as this system grounds to a hult., it also overheats alot disbite me chaging the cpu heatsink and fan and the graphics card fan to more powerfull ones. also i currently have a 400w psu,and it runs hot all the time. my avg readings are :

cpu temp :53

MB temp: 32

+12 v :12.288

+5v: 4.477

+3.3v : 3.216

vcore :1.664

basically price isnt an issue, but it needs to be as quiet as possible, and im fed up with cream or beige colours for case, keyboad, drives ect

i need the pc to be vista compatible..

im thinking

512mb graphics

cdrw drive

dvd duel layer dvd

floppy dive with built in memory card reader ( for phone ad cam)

19 inch tft monitor ( or touchscrean??? )

7:1 soundsystem

water or dry ice cooling

600w + power supply

4 - 8 gb memory

wifi and bluetooth pci card

tv card ( prob freeview capible)

case ( obviosuly)

raptor 150gb hd ( for os and games)

500gb hd for storage

100mb lan card

motherbord and processor undecided ( though will prob go for the newest amd ( sorry i like amd), though i could be persuaded to go to intel...

a legit copy of xp

ethernet colour or mono lazer printer


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Looks like money is really not an issue! :blink:

My suggestions:

graphics: ATI X1900XTX 512MB (unfortunally I don't have exprience with this but this is just one of the best cards)

scanner: Canon LiDE (these are really good, thin and no power supply needed!)

os: Windows XP Media Center Edition (to get the most out of your system)

cpu: AMD Opteron Dual Core (if you buy it soon; if you wait a little Intel might come with something)

monitor: make sure it's not a 1280*1024 but a high resolution widescreen

sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum (for most people the build-in will do)

For the rest I wouldn't know.

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what about this:

mobo: gigabyte ga-g1975x

cpu: intel pentium 965 extreme edition

ram: 4x2048 ocz

graphics: 7900 gtx

hdd: as ripken204 suggested

sound: as flupken suggested

the rest is up to you... ;)

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raptor 150gb hd ( for os and games)

500gb hd for storage

I'd lose the 500gb and get 4+ 150gb raptor drives and put them in a raid 5. Faster data access and better chance of data recovery if a drive fails.


well they are not gray, tan or black


Then you could use these raptors:


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for the cpu fan get the big typhoon, ninja, or that zalman above.

that is a good case but you may also want to look at the cm stacker, both being very nice/large for watercooling.

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