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what account do you use in Win XP. Administrator or User?


what account do you use in Win XP. Administrator or User?  

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  1. 1. what account do you use in Win XP. Administrator or User?

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I just don't understand you people who run as admin just to boost your ego. It's dumb. If you have a good reason, fine, but just to make yourself feel good? I voted user, because that's what I'm logged into right now. But it's my computer, and I have an Administrator account, I just only use it when I need it. I tend to use the Runas... a lot, and also in command prompt, using
runas /user:Administrator "someprogram.exe".

I don't totally trust myself, because I like to mess around with things. Also, I don't want to get viruses and such, which are easier to install if you're an Admin. I have used System once or twice, but tend to avoid it like the plague, since I know that whatever I do there is permanent and very dangerous. I tell everyone not to run as an Admin on a regular basis, it's just not safe. But my limited account is really in between, thanks to my group policies. So I guess another answer should have been "somewhere in between". :) But anyone else who wants to use my computer, they get stuck using the account i called Public. It's very very locked down. Hah, can't change the password, can't use run or cmd.exe or regedit or control panel, can't change the display settings, very very locked up and drives some people crazy :crazy: . Hee hee. They get lots of ego-deflating "You aren't privileged" dialogs, and "This action prohibited by your system administrator. Go whine at them now please." dialogs, too.


I use a seperate account, but am in the admin group. Although you are right, you can run as.

There is also a script online that you can drag the file you want to run as an admin to and it will run that file. The only problem being that you have the admin password showing in plain text format, unless you encode the script, which is easily reversiable.

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Well, I never really use my ADMIN account, you know how when you install Windows XP and when you go to set up user accounts, Theres on field that says " Your Name" or what ever :P so i just use that account, cause if something bad happens to that account I can just log onto the ADMIN or Root account to solve the problem, but i never had to use the admin account very much.

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I run as a user and only have to logon as an administrator about once a fortnight. All other times "Run as ..." and granting access with SubInACL is enough.

As for those who run as an Admin because they're careful online, indeed you're perfectly safe, at least until the next Zero Day Exploit :whistle:

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xp what that, - no really but fair is fair, ive run my virusscanner at system level on ocation, and i hopped to it myself as well, but mainly i run at admin level,

on linux on the other hand, i never run root, if i want to do any admin stuff, i SU myself....

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I use a "user" account for normal day to day stuff. If I need admin access for thing I run those as such or go over to the full admin acct to do the things I need to at that time.

Standard user may be a PITA for some but restricted access to key parts of the OS is, IMO, better than running wide open.

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I use my real name. Makes it easier having an account across computers so shares are accesed without username/password input. It's like signing your name to something, you're not "Administrator" are you? If so well..... *speaks to your parents*

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I do what I tell everyone else to do. When I need admin privileges, I switch or run-as. I do have a lot of things in FAT32 partitions, which saves some hassle. Otherwise I am content to keep my grubby little hands out of Windwoes' pockets while doing everyday things.

I have three admin accounts to do serious messing around in - sort of a specialized multiple personality disorder ;)

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here is

I was unable to vote cause I use the Default User Profile...

on your vote list

does that user have admin rights!!!!

is admin the admin profife..

there is a dif between admin and admin rights

No matter how you setup XP on a Single computer it is not secure...

I removed the plastic cover from that profile that windows XP puts on it...

Once you understand how the registry works you

will only use one profile per hard drive....

this is from a old post

LOL Let Me explain Cause the way the register works is confusing Once you see the light you will jump up and shout! I see the light......  

This is for setting up the computer then you can span out and create users then all users will have the default users keys, Once you create a user they will be on there own and can configure there desktop how they like as long as what they are changing is in the HKCU keys,,, It make no matter about the HKLM cause they are shared and if I change something on my desktop that uses the HKLM then you will see it on yor desktop, and visa versa,, Only the HKCU sections goes with a users desktop...

Yes to evilvoice that is why I want to stay on the default desktop and install everthing then branch out to extra users....... just like what you are trying to do in the cmdlines.txt is so that it gets put on default user


When you create that admin profile at logon and install software then create a user they get nothing in the HKCU keys...

Cause they get the HKCU keys from the Default user profile which has not been updated cause you where updating the admin HKCU not the default user account,,,

And as far as Mhz question NO i'm not takong over the town and kicking you out... All the stuff that gets loaded go into the default user profile,,, Then branch out

and as far as creating a fresh user if you have a problem just remember the ADMIN and the default user share the HKLM with all users so if the misshap is in the HKLM you get the mishap to .. So in reality there is no fresh clean admin or default user once people start using the register cause the HKLM is shared,,,

If the mishap is in someonces HKCU then you may be able to save them by comparing the HKCU or just make them a new desktop.. It is confusing YES it is..

You can take the restriction out to hide the admin account after you get done then create a admin account the hid it again. if you want,,,
And no I didn't stop you from making more accounts,,,

If you have never made a admin account you will not see one in the file folders anyway...

So when you have a problem it is to late to thing about the admin account which is joke anyway if the mishap is in the HKLM........ I'm confused,,,

This is a good tutorial on the basics


This is the site that I started learning from the old timers on how it all worked
It has gone to the dogs as far as the forum goes cause most of the old tiimers have left... The old timers new there stuff .....

LOL Just think of the register like the CD players with the flat tray where you can lay 5 CD's on... OK now when you want to play a cd you hit the button till the CD you want starts to play..........if one CD get messed up you can just replace that one CD that is the HKCU and the HKLM is the whole player if it gets messed none of the CD's will play,,, No matter what you do.. The CD player BOX is the HKLM....

Admin and the hidden default user clean desktop is a joke....
The admiin and the hidden default user takes up two of those CD spaces except there is a plastic cover over the Default user CD so you canNOT see it or touch it or replace it... I have removed the plastic cover over the default user CD... Darn where did that come from.. You say..

And that Admin Cd is not installed until you put the CD in the tray by default The HKCU keys for the admin are never created unless you log in to the desktop or profile at least once... JUST a blank stop label admin and there is no CD in the slot...

And in reallity 2 of the 5 spots is used up

one is label admin and no other CD will play in that spot and there is no CD in ther,, and one CD that will never play cause of the plastic cover..........

HUM you say

Do you see the light yet!


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I was using the Administrators group account for years, but then i decided to use a Power Users account. Since there's no Power users in the poll, i chosed the User option, because i suppose it's about using an admin account.

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I was using the Administrators group account for years, but then i decided to use a Power Users account. Since there's no Power users in the poll, i chosed the User option, because i suppose it's about using an admin account.

Same question as above, but replace administrative rights with power user rights ;)

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