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  1. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Hiya Ive just changed Fixed to Removablo with this utility http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=15923 So easy... Now it should bo all right ? =-]
  2. I use User with admin rights... is that bad ?
  3. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Hiya Thanks... I will try ntdetect.com. Will try to chage type to 0. Im trying defoult english windows xp sp2 from oryginal cd =-]. I dont have any custom mass stroge drivers... WinXp automaticly detect and install it. I meant i got 3 partitions... Disk C: which is NTFS. Next is D: and its Fat32 and E: NTFS. So maybe its problem that i have few different partitions. My usb is complete noname. I cant even take the cover off to look at chips. Its glued and very hard to take off. Tried few times... only way is to crush the cover totaly ... So rdummy.sys will make my usb seen as removable? So prep8 can do it right? But it will be only short time coz after reinstall winXP will detect as fixed... something like that ? Many Thanks Locaj
  4. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Hiya Got problem when trying to install... I run TXT mode and it loads up all drivers... at some point at very end of "first" txt mode it says on the bottom bar "Preparing to run Windows...." NOW i have blue screen. No folders on drive C: was created, no folders on USB drive created aswell... I cant see screen when you press Enter and than f8. Ive seen taht usb_prep8 takes ntldr and other files from C: is it possible that it might be fault o my C: files? Other thing is that my usb is seen as fixed not removable. So when PEtoUSB loads i need to chage category to fixed. Got 3 partitions c-ntfs d-fat e-ntfs f-cd g-usbfixed. Should all be same? Should i combine them all to one partition? Im lost i tried few times. Is there way ti change my usb to removable instead fixed? Many thanks Kind regards Locaj
  5. Hiya I need my usb drive 1gb(noname) to be removable. Is it possible to do it? i tried with fdisk and winxp disk management. I cant find otpion to make my usb 1gb(noname) to be seen as removable. I got other usb 128mb (noname) it is removable. I want it both to be removable. If its wrong forum please move or show right one. If exist plz link. MAny thanks Kind regards Locaj