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HFSLIP - Test releases


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ECHO>>ECHO>>... How embarassing... :D

Please look for version 1.0.3. It's becoming customary to see a new final the day after, hehe.

I hope I can now focus on IE7 and WMP11... :P

he! he! i was just looking at 1.0.2 & then a few minutes after i noticed it's already 1.0.3 ... :lol: finalizing integration (?) of ie& & wmp11 would be great ... thanks! Edited by Kiki Burgh
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Wonderfull IE7 is working !!!

BTW -> I can't use a branding.cab file made with IEAK 7 to customise my IE7 install :)

can you help me please ?

or must i put my Install.INS file somewhere (compressed or not)

Thanks a lot

--> Just Put my Install.ins File in the Fix folder and Voila :D

Edited by EmRoD
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I can make HFSLIP support it, but I don't have IEAK7 so I'll need your help. :)

Are there any INF files alongside INSTALL.INS?

If so, do you see install.inf and setup.inf?

If there are other INFs besides install.inf and setup.inf, can you paste here what's specified under the [DefaultInstall] sections? This should be the same for every file so only copy this once.

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IEAK7 is freely downloadable from M$ website

Anyway it generates :BRANDING.CAB

This cab contains :




I Just put the INS file from the cab in the fix folder and it worked.

I saw HFSLIP support IE6 Branding.cab for Windows 2000.

Maybe you can add support for XP & IE7

I tried to put the branding.cab file in the HFCABS folder but hflip ignores it :)

if you want me to test things with the cab files, or to copy you my files (cab or infà let me know :)

Edited by EmRoD
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