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HFSLIP - Test releases


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KB918005 -- supported (should've been supported for a long time)

KB922120 -- not quite. The new binaries are handled fine since HFSLIP version 1.0, but you still need to manually execute one command post installation: %SystemRoot%\System32\rspndr.exe -i

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For the CD burning, the management of these simple free soft could be considered also…



Active@ ISO Burner software accepts command line parameters to automate ISO images burning process:

"ISO-FILE" - first parameter is a full path to ISO image file to be burned

/BURN - if the first parameter is valid (ISO image exists) - burn process starts automatically right after program launch

/EXIT-IF-OK - if burning is successfully completed, program auto-exits. If errors detected - you will see error messages on the dialog (no auto-exit).


To burn ISO image file [C:\Program Files\FreeDOS\fdbasecd.iso] automatically from command line and exit the program after successful burning, run:

C:\IS Burner> IsoBurner.exe "C:\Program Files\FreeDOS\fdbasecd.ISO" /BURN /EXIT-IF-OK



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Considering that command line, it should work with the following entries in HFANSWER.INI:

CDBURNAPP="C:\IS Burner\IsoBurner.exe"



But don't you need to specify the destination drive somewhere? Or will the program auto-detect blank media?

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hi! i'd just like to report what happened in my recent tests last weekend using 61129a with a Dell OEM XP Pro SP1a & regular XP Pro (still not my pc :( ) ...

(1) got lots of word.format.ps1xml (i.e., certificate.format.ps1xml, dotnettypes.format.ps1xml, filesystem.format.ps1xml, help.format.ps1xml, powershellcore.format.ps1xml, powershelltrace.format.ps1xml, registry.format.ps1xml) & sstext3d.scr, types.ps1xml ... i opted to go for: To skip this file, press Esc. just to see what happens after installation ... was able to get rid of these by removing WindowsXP-KB926139-x86-ENU.exe ;)

(2) i likewise encountered " ... framedyn.dll was not found., immediately followed by "Error loading srclient.dll" errors;

(3) some addons are not present after install ... even wmp11 (either addon or the .exe) was not present

attached are some files & pic that may help clarify the issue ... also, it might be too much too ask but TC & the_guy, would it be possible to request for your hotfixes list (as these are very good references :P ) to include as notes as to which hotfix(es) has(have) superceded other hotfix(es)?

(4) HFSLIP run-times were longer than usual (perhaps because i was using a slower pc & running it from an external USB drive ;) ) even if i had taken out lots of switchless installers from HFSVCPACK_SW dir



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thanks TC! :) i knew about KB926139 ... just tried it though ;) i'll try to do some tests as soon as i get my hands on a working system ... but by the time i do, there'd certainly be a newer version ... or perhaps even a final! he! he! really hope that HF lists would provide info on superceded HFs ...

how do i resolve though

(2) ... " ... framedyn.dll was not found., immediately followed by "Error loading srclient.dll" errors;
thanks again! Edited by Kiki Burgh
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currently testing HFSLIP 61212c with the latest hotfixes from december update.

everything work ok except WindowsXP-KB929120-x86-FRA.exe witch didnt install.

As It's listed in the newly supported HF, can someone help me please ?

Thanks in advance :)

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