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Another confirmation by a fellow mod... This bug is on my parent's laptop... But what happens exactly is the following:

You're logged in, you close the lid, which makes the computer go into standby, you open the lid, it comes back on, but this time, you have the blue welcome screen in the back (just plain blue with the top and bottom border) with the username/password boxes that usually come up without a welcome screen with fields that are greyed out... :wacko:

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I'm having the same problem. An "educated" guess says that this bug results from the lock function being called in the context of the SYSTEM account and no user having the access to override it... is there a list of which reg keys these tweaks change so this can be worked around without a rebuild?

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Even though I couldn't lead the test I wanted to do (to enable this with TweakUI after install) I also think this a windows bug.

In SP1 release notes, in the issue category:

328000 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/328000/) Screensaver password protection does not work

I assume this has been fixed with SP2.

However this is not the bug we're talking about. (this one is there is NO password needed)

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