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  1. don't wait, just fix it http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=66594&st=40 next time before posting - please search the forums for your problem and only then, if u cannot find any info, post
  2. after u make all the changes u need in nLite (be it removing stuff or doing unattended setup, whatever) and before u make an ISO - open up the intl.inf file with any txt editor (notepad, wordpad) then edit any line by simply puting in a blank space or type something and then delete it (the point is to have the file opened and resaved with no changes to actual txt lines) and then save the file. thas it. now go and make the ISO
  3. true that ! works fine for me. made the default setup for me (with language and keyboard layout removals, unattended setup, options etc etc.) then edited the intl.inf file, made an ISO and it all works great
  4. it's always something like this. tnx on the "fix"
  5. Mad Evil

    can't repair xp

    dude, no offence, just a little bit of sarcasm, nothing else. + I don't believe in windows repair. if crap happens - I do a complete reinstall/reformat. and ofc good job on the explainin
  6. Mad Evil

    can't repair xp

    yes, life IS eternal pain and suffering
  7. btw I've just entered those regfiles jkey provided into GuiRunOnce so they autoexec on the first logon and also preconfigured the regional settings to whatever I need in nLite - during the first boot the cmd launches bla bla whatever (takes like 2 secs) and I already have the regional settings set (location, standars and formats and also the keyboard layout) so it's all good thou I still have to change the timezone manually during the install even if I had preconfigured that into winnt.sif, but I guess there might be some more posts about it. if not, I'm gonna start bugging people
  8. Mad Evil


    what kind of installs did u use on those comps ? is it even winXP ? some more info about your OS would help
  9. deffinetly not RVM's "fault" - tried a fresh xpsp2 with RVM integrated (using Ryan's integrator) and with the default windows setup - everything worked fine (regional stuff) but I've had this problem 100% sure since RC5, thou don't remember if it also was with RC4 and earlier
  10. well then, can I somehow make them regfiles run auto during the end of the fresh-install ? untill it gets fixed in nLite I've been meditating on this missing-language-problem for a few weeks now so basicly these would be the steps for my install ? 1. integrating latest RVM + switchless installers on a fresh XPSP2 2. removing components in nLite (not touching any languages or keyboard layouts), doing all the tweaks and making an unattended setup. 3. making a bootable ISO and then installing from it 4. runing the regfiles as soon as booting the first time and the MANUALLY having to switch the Regional settings under control panel ? the last part sucks thou I just tried it and it helps. better then nothing. tnx
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