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MSFN Server Move Completed


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We have successfully moved to the new server with next to no difficulty, and no major problems have arisen, such as lost forum threads. Some of our visitors have had their DNS servers already updated, so if you're reading this you're already on our new server, bringing you a much better browsing experience here at MSFN! We hope you continue to enjoy visiting MSFN.

The MSFN Team

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Earlier today, in the morning, MSFN was running very fast and everything was fine. Then later in the day it suddenly stopped, yet I continued to receive emails indicated people were posting to threads I subscribe to. So I started to change DNS servers figuring that my local ISP servers were screwed up, but still no luck.

So then I went to one of my often used web site, dnsstuff.com, and they seem to be showing a problem. I don't know if this would be use to you or not but here is the LINK.

Here is the text I was receiving from the link posted above:

How I am searching:

Searching for www.msfn.org A record at a.root-servers.net []: Got referral to TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET. [took 7 ms]

Searching for www.msfn.org A record at TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET. []: Got referral to ns1.msfn.org. [took 8 ms]

Searching for www.msfn.org A record at ns1.msfn.org. []: Got CNAME of msfn.org. and referral to y. [took 38 ms]

Searching for msfn.org A record at y. []: Error: Server length <2 chars.


An error occurred: Server length <2 chars.


I could not get to the nameserver authoritative for msfn.org. Sorry!

NOTE: One or more CNAMEs were encountered. www.msfn.org is really msfn.org.

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