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  1. hi, XPlode is back i'm soooooo happy cya Killer Bee
  2. hi, i should note that i have a german keyboard layout - so on a PC it is AltGr+Q for the "@"........... cya Killer Bee
  3. hi, just trying out my brand "new" shiny G3 Blue&White. With a brand new Max OS X 10.4.4 too. my first real problem reveald while ordering a DVB-S Card. I had to enter my email address - but where is the ridicolous "at" on this keyboard? After staring at the keyboard for at least 5minutes i realized there was none. OK - i have to try out. And i found out something - Apple-Q won't do the trick... So i surfed to another website and a little cut'n'paste later it was done... Today i surfed the web for it and now i know: Alt-L is the right thing for @ on my Mac i hope this amuses and helps you as me Cya Killer Bee
  4. hi, your link says : The error returned was: Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken. so what's your point? cya Killer Bee
  5. hi, Avast Antivirus 4.6.763.0 is out. take a look here for a download. cya Killer Bee
  6. hi, i recently bought a PowerMac G3 blue & white with MacOS X because it was quite cheap and it is very stylish. But as a Mac n00b i have to do a lot of research with it, so there comes up a need for a MacOS-Subforum here from my side. Is there a possibility that we can gat such a thing here? thanks in advance Killer Bee
  7. hi, works like a charm here in germany too feels a little bit faster now keep up the good work cya Killer Bee
  8. hi, Forceware 82.12 is out. Look here for your download pleasure. Cya Killer Bee
  9. hi, there is a new set of Forceware out. v81.98. Please look here for a download. Have fun Cya Killer Bee
  10. hi, i want to install WSUS on a machine running XP Pro. How can i make this work? Could someone please help? thanks in advance cya Killer Bee Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  11. hi, and the second try should go to the Universal Silent Switch Finder to find out the unattended switches. Or there could be some info at the manufacturer-website. If nothing helps there will be AutoIT and InstallRite to get it working unattended... Hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  12. killerbee

    XPlode v2.00

    hi, yes, the error big_gie mentioned is here too... cya Killer Bee
  13. killerbee

    XPlode v2.00

    hi, everything loaded perfectly take a look hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee xplode2.log
  14. hi, i've tested it on my installed XPSP1 and a fresh installation of XPSP2 and it worked without problems, maybe your virus-scanner or another app causes this problem. I would suggest you test it on a fresh installation (inside a VM would be best for testing-purposes). This would help to look if there's a problem with one of your apps. hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  15. hi, but you can call a xplode.cmd which will support environment-variables. hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  16. hi, hmm just wondering Isn't this the XPlode-subforum? So why don't you use xplode for all this stuff so you can use it wherever you want? hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee BTW: some of the things you can do easily in winnt.sif can be a pain to do after installation...
  17. hi, i have an idea please use the search function as it was already covered by an older topic. cya Killer Bee
  18. hi, where do you call your XPlode? Is this a fresh installation of XP? cya Killer Bee
  19. hi, you could try to call a batch as the third <execute> which asks for the 2nd cd and use #SOURCEDRIVE# to call the last xml? if this works you get rid of your batch! hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  20. hi, please look at this: <items> <item display='Users and other Basics'> <execute display='Users and other basics...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode\xplode.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode\basic.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\basic.log"'></execute> </item> <item display='XPlode v2 test'> <execute display='Users and other basics...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode2\xplode2.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode2\xplode.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\xplode2.log"'></execute> </item> <item display='Installing Tools'> <execute display='Tools...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode\xplode.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode\tools.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\tools.log"'></execute> </item> <item display='Installing Appz'> <execute display='Indaned Appz...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode\xplode.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode\indaned.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\indaned.log"'></execute> </item> <item display='Installing cracked Appz'> <execute display='cracked Appz...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode\xplode.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode\cracked.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\cracked.log"'></execute> </item> <item display='Cleaning up'> <execute display='Cleanup...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode\xplode.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode\cleanup.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\cleanup.log"'></execute> </item> <item display='Finalizing'> <execute display='Finalizing...' program='#XPLODE#\XPlode\xplode.exe' arguments='/xml:"#XPLODE#\xplode\final.xml" /log:"#SYSTEMDRIVE#\final.log"'></execute> </item> </items> < with this way you can shorten the beginning of your batch. Just call xplode to call the 2 xml's at the beginning. hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  21. hi, no this isn't possible with normal ways, but XPDeploy could do the job. hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  22. hi, your cmdlines.txt looks wierd, please try this: [COMMANDS] "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\xplode\Xplode.exe /xml:#systemdrive#\xplode\1.xml /log:#systemdrive#\xplode1.log" could be shortened to: [COMMANDS] "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\xplode\Xplode.exe /xml:#xplode#\1.xml /log:#systemdrive#\xplode1.log" this should solve it, as it looks like xplode isn't found. hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee BTW: i haven't noticed any issue with SP2 and xplode v1.1.2
  23. hi, i had it a long time that it wanted to download new vir-defs after i "slipstreamed" them, but it came from extracting the virdefs manually and not via the /Extract-switch. Ater i switched to the /Extract-method all is fine now. and even after calling LU 10 times it don't want to download anything new... hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee
  24. hi, just done a second installation and LU says everything is up-to-date... what i have done: 1. created a admin install point with setup.exe /A 2. downloaded newest i32-virus definitions from here. 3. created a folder named viri in the same dir as the virus-defs are 4. ran virdefs with ...-i32.exe /Extract .\viri 5. copied everything from .\viri to the admin install point \Program Files\Symantec Antivirus\virus defs 6. downloaded SAVCE_9.0.0.1400_AllWin_EN .msp 7. integrated the update within the main program with this one msiexec /p "SAVCE_9.0.0.1400_AllWin_EN .msp" /a "Symantec AntiVirus.msi" /QB 8. put it on my CD and ran it with Symantec Antivirus.msi /QB 9. downloaded and extracted the Liveupdate v2.5 update and installed it with lusetup -q thats it and it works perfect hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee BTW: it gets installed @ T-12min and is ofcourse unattended
  25. hi wraith, please test your upcoming file-op-plugin if it works when there are special characters in the filename. e.g. i have just found out that xplode v1.1.2 will hang if there are special characters like "%" or "&" in the filenames of copy/move/delete-operations. (Spybot Search & Destroy and Alcohol 120% are my problems while moving them around in the start menu) hope this helps a bit cya Killer Bee

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