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  1. OemPreinstall=Yes in Unattended section of winnt.sif was the problem. Set it to No or delete the entry. Thank you for this topic!
  2. Hello! Has everyone tryed to install the way described here with winnt.sif inside? If i put winnt.sif in i386, just after format, when it starts to copy files, i get copy error for all files in winvblock.ima. Without winnt.sif, everything is ok. Any ideas?
  3. Try this: http://download.avg.com/filedir/doc/NETWORK_GROUP/AVG_Anti-Virus_Network/avg_abe_uma_en_90_4.pdf Working like a charm
  4. {JSCRIPT}=WriteRegKey("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WPI\Test Key",0,"REG_MULTI_SZ") Still not working I guess it has something to do with "REG_MULTI_SZ"
  5. Hello! How to use {JSCRIPT}=WriteRegKey("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WPI\Test Key","0","REG_MULTI_SZ") ? No key is added to registry.
  6. I understood the whole process but I can`t understand what GSAR is replacing I kindly ask you to give a more detalied explication. Thank you
  7. if there is no password set for program, the command would not work. you must specify current password. for kis 7.0 the command is avp.com IMPORT c:\settings.dat /password=<your_password> is there any way to import settings without having a passord? or is there any way to set a password via command line?
  8. Not working with 2.0. No extensions installed. No profile files copied.
  9. I need some help from you. When i run the command: 7za.exe a -r Firefox Project\Firefox\* from the sof folder, the archive created contains 2 folders: Project\Firefox. The Firefox folder contains the dirs and files for silent Firefox. Can you tell me how to have the firefox dirs and files on root of the archive? Just like the archive created by Sof.exe? I know i can run the 7za.exe from firefox folder, but i wish not to do it this way. Is there any way to do it my way? Thank you.
  10. Is Sof.exe an open source project? If yes, can you provide the source code? Thank you.
  11. Thx for the fast reply. I already have an autoit script for SOF , but it doesen`t look professional opening windows and pressing buttons. But, thats it. No command lines
  12. @LaptoniC Is there any way to create unattended Firefox using command lines? Just like CDImage? I think it would be great, so you dont`t have to click every time you create it. It reads everithing from ini and then create unattended Firefox. If this is not implemented in current version, could you make it work with command lines? Anyway, this application is great as it is, but with command lines would be the best. Thank you.
  13. Sorry, i dont use the free version and dont know how to do it.
  14. Don`t know if it works with the free version.
  15. Hi everybody, here is a guide about automatic updates for AVG 7 after uanttended install. AVG can`t recognize variables - you will see below First of all, browse to %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Grisoft\Avg7Data\upd7bin folder. Here you will find your downloaded updates. You can download the updates from the internet at Free Updates Now create a winrar self extracting archive containing all the .bin files. Make it extract the files to %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Grisoft\Avg7Data\upd7bin After this, double click on your AVG icon in the tash bar, right click on Scheduler -> Scheduled Tasks. Choose New Schedule. Choose a name. Schedule -> Update from directory. Schedule options -> C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Grisoft\Avg7Data\upd7bin. Schedule for all users. Click on Perform task tab. Periodicity -> only once. Click on If missed tab -> Run task on computer start. Click OK. Now browse to %allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg7. Create a self extracting archive with the file sched-1003.cfg. Say the archive to extract the file in %allusersprofile%\Application Data\avg7. Thats it. I hope will work for you. I will like to add my sched-1003.cfg file bot i don`t know how to attach it.
  16. Extract Autoexec.bat from your 98 image file. Edit Autoexec.bat Here is the default portion of Autoexec.bat: :EXT %RAMD%:\extract /y /e /l %RAMD%: ebd.cab > NUL echo The diagnostic tools were successfully loaded to drive %RAMD%. echo. LH %ramd%:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:%CDROM% echo. cls echo Now installing Windows 98 SE echo. echo Loading... path=%RAMD%:\;a:\;%CDROM%:\SETUP\98SE\WIN98\ OEMSETUP.EXE echo. GOTO QUIT Here is mine portion of Autoexec.bat: %RAMD%:\extract /y /e /l %RAMD%: ebd.cab > NUL echo The diagnostic tools were successfully loaded to drive %RAMD%. echo. LH %ramd%:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:%CDROM% echo. cls FORMAT C: /s /v:WIN_98 echo Now installing Windows 98 SE echo. echo Loading... path=%RAMD%:\;a:\;%CDROM%:\SETUP\98SE\WIN98\ OEMSETUP.EXE echo. GOTO QUIT /v:"new label of your formatted C:"
  17. Sorry for asking. Can you provide us (noobs) a guide for this application? I dont know how to use it. Where to put the program in my AIODVD? Does it loads itself when booting from dvd? Please help me.
  18. I had almost the same problem........my paging file (virtual memoty) was disabled. Enable it and should work.
  19. Can`t Read sfx 7zSD.sfx - Error. Compressing UninstallFirefox.zip System error: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. I dont know why it says not enough storage - I have about 90 GB free. -edit- Resolved. It was my problem. I disabled paging file.....stupid me
  20. If there`s nobody near the computer to change the CD and press ok, can you make it to skip the CD change in order to continue setup? Or if the CD is not changed in a time that user sets, to skip and continue setup? That would be great. Thank you anyway. Great work.
  21. Can you make it save master password and saved password? The quick launch shortcut could be set to start firefox mazimized? Not normal window? Btw you are doing a great job .........i tryed almost anything........and till now i was using a msi maker.......almost good.....but not comparing with SOF. Thank You !
  22. I think i found a bug. When firefox starts, appears 2 windows named "Disk Error" with text "An error occured starting the Disk I/O Component" EDIT Sorry, no bug. My mystake. Its because i didnt added the "forecastfox" folder to the project.

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