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Another application for managing config.js

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This a small app written in autoit v3. It can manage the config.js.

If you want to try it, all available functions work fine, but don't bother with the ones that just won't do anything (fewer now).

Almost all buttons work now. Not yet implemented installer files checking and cmd commands.

Yet another request filled. Check it out. I did very few tests, but I find this one stable. Also, in the previous one, the dependencies and exclusions were not managed correctly.

Check this post for the latest working version.

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This really look great keep it up to make it even better.

Is it maybe possibel to put in something to export everything to an access database and the you can make a selection for what you want, to create different program or other installers?

I use WPI for instance as a game installer.

Thanx for taking the time.

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Thanx for it, it is looking ok, though, it is a working program already?

Maybe it is possible to make a selection option, for just selecting a certain category, and then only export these to a new config.js file.

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It's working, but it is not complete.

Actually I am working on it right now.

There's a new version attached in the first post. It has more functions (check for duplicate names, ids ... and a minor bug fix).

The source can't be attached to the first post, so I'll attach it to this post.

EDIT: The source is getting bigger and bigger. (more than 1900 lines for now)

Soon, it will be bigger than the program itself :)

btw, I don't know why I keep uploading the source, since nobody is downloading it ;)


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Added the previous/next buttons. About the double click, I know I tried to solve before and I couldn't.

Anyway, I'll keep trying to solve it, so it is not a closed request. Just that I don't know how to do it atm.


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