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[Release] Live Messenger 8.5 final


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the icon "my shared folders" in my pc and my documents is still in english and not translated in italian... how can I fix that?

Try replacing fsshext.8.1.0178.00.dll with the version from your native installation.


thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that :)


what about the sign-in assistant addon?

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what about the sign-in assistant addon?

If that file doesnt do it, you will need to look into the tutorial posted in the 1st post and create it from scratch on your own. It will tell you how to modify the msi using your native locale installation. The tutorial applies to ALL languages. It is also near a beginners level to accomplish this task.

99% of the files I share are shared because I have a personal interest in creating them. Often, they are requested applications by clients I service. Since i have no need for the assistant, I have not looked into it, and will not be doing anything with it in the future. My current goal is to cutback on what I maintain...


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about sign-in assistant:

installation was easier than I thought because the original msi installer of the sign-in assistant is already a silent installer :D

about sharing folder:

I performed several tests and I found that the problem is in the msnmsgs.msi file (I checked it with Orca and found a lot of english text, mainly in property section, like sharing folder or music plugin name and its tooltip description).

I tried to replace it with the one from italian installer and it works fine with all text in italian :)

Just a problem: my msnmsgs.msi file is 15mb, I replaced it and it works fine but can you explain how to make it about 500kb like the one in your add-on? ;)

Also have I to modify any parameter with orca to make it working with nlite (i tried it on an already installed system)?


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My installer is NO LONGER designated as multilingual ever since i started using the original MSI to perform the installation. If you want to use a language other than English you will need to download the tutorial from the 1st post and follow it to create your own installer in your own language.

HINT - The creation of an Administrative Install Point is the secret to adding your patched files.

This procedure is also explained in the tutorial.


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I need to deploy WLM 8.1 using Active Directory GPO...

I extracted Install_Messenger.exe to obtain the msnmsgs.msi

Now, I am trying to create an admin install point on a share and the "msiexec /a msnmsgs.msi" doesn't do anything even with the /TARGETDIR= switch.

How can I create the admin install?

...oh, I apologize, just noticed from the previous post my question might be answered already in the tutorial. duh! I'll post back if I need further help. Thanks

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msiexec /a MsnMsgs.msi TARGETDIR=c:\temp /qb

I've done this, this extracts the content of MsnMsgs.msi to c:\temp ...

so here i modified the files in c:\temp (Be sure you have the correct path for the file msidcrl40.dll because it is not where you expect it to be. Not sure what you're trying to say here)

and this is where I get confused.... how do i repackage to a new .msi file? say MsnMsgsMod.msi


Actually.. I think I get it now, i run that 600kb file... I thought I had to repackage everything to a single .msi file.

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I've previously avoided 8.x because of the huge ram footprint, which was somewhere in the 30mb range where as 7.x only took about 8mb of ram.

Does customizing/gutting the installer help? Does anybody that took out a bunch of items care to say what 8.1's ram usage is when it's loaded? I do want to run the newest version, but I want to remove the feature bloat I don't need, I just need IM, not games and such.

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how do you guys install your wlm after customizing?

I got these inside my wlm directory:

PFiles (which i modified some files -- btw, can i use a dummy 0 byte fsshext.8.1.0178.00.dll?)



i then run

"MsnMsgs.msi /qb"


problem is, when i run "windows live messenger" shortcut, it attemps to install again... but when i run msnmsgr.exe, it seem fine

what does this mean? does it mean my installation is not done correctly?

please advice.. thanks..

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