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The most stupid thing I have ever seen!


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@ Bi0haZarD - What other reason do you see, that would make 3 jerks do that? Im pretty sure it was because of their fanatism!

Hugues Henry:

Why did you choose Bill Gates?

Noël Godin:

Because in a way he is the master of the world, and then because he's offering his intelligence, his sharpened imagination and his power to the governments and to the world as it is today -- that is to say gloomy, unjust and nauseating. He c ould have been a utopist, but he prefers being the lackey of the establishment. His power is effective and bigger than that of the leaders of the governments, who are only many-colored servants.

So Bill Gates was at the top of our lists of victims. The at tack against him is symbolic, it's against hierarchical power itself. Our war cry was explicit: "Let's pie! Let's pie the polluting lolly!"

Source: http://neworder.box.sk/newsread.php?newsid=109

Heres the answer. Already posted by Bi0haZarD

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well, the structure of that statement is pretty crappy, however i can see where they're coming from. MS is heavily involved in government and law enforcement and campaign contributions and who knows what else billy has his fingers in.

pie toss status:



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Poor Bill...currently in the 'where are they now' category. Must have been utterly humiliating. I can imagine him shuffling home to drown his sorrows in a hot tub full of Benjamins, sullen over Neil's (or whoever) sudden catapult to long-lasting fame at his expense.

Verdict: guilty as charged!

...and if he had tried that today, his cowardly act of terrorism would have gotten him an immediate rendition to a Banana-Cream Republic for some closed door justice.

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It seems to me that incident made the 6 O'clock news.....but that was 8 (eight) years ago. Hard to remember.

I just hope it was a flavor of pie that Bill liked. :thumbup

I'd be glad if someone would hit me with a key Lime pie with lots of really thick whipped cream on it. :thumbup


Andromeda43 B)

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Those guys are idiots, in that interview they make Bill Gates out to be some evil tyrant. Look how much he has given to charity though, and like Windows or not he has really helped take computing from big universities and such into the average person's home. In some cases a pie in the face can be funny, but not in real life in front of millions of people. That had to be humiliating, and I imagine his feelings were hurt as well (yes he's rich but he's still a person). :no:

Yes, Gates gives to charity as does many rich people. But don't think for one second that it's entirely out of the goodness of their hearts. It's either pay to charity (and look good in the process) or pay taxes to the government. By giving their money to charity, they get to write it off on their taxes which means that much more money *won't* go to Uncle Sam. So in fact, by donating all the money to charity, they're leaving more of the burden of the taxes for us middle-class people to fill. I'm not saying that they don't believe in the charities they donate to, but it's not just because they're generous people. There is a purpose to it all.

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