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Windows Live™ Messenger Invitation Topic

Martin L

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:thumbup Good job Martin , This wil help us keep the forum clean and organised.

Even i am planning to bring 2 of my 5 invited [ which i am supposed to get ]back into our forum.

Also if everyone brings back atleast one invite back into the forum instead of family members , We could have a nice Windows Live Messenger on MSFN.

:w00t: Man i got 10 invites !!! will roll them out in a day or two :whistle:

but i feel there must be some guidelines about whom to invite first B)

May be people with more posts get priority !!!! What say?

And Martin , Why not edit the post of the people you are sending invited to , so that other people do not send them invitations again!!! Also everyone who is sending invites please post the email id you are sending invite to over here so that we people know who has been sent an invite.

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Since everybody is talking about new Windows Live Messenger, I'd like to test it.

So if anybody has a invitation to spare can you send it to me.



Something from me in return, he, he


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