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Windows Live Safety Center beta


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Windows Live™ Safety Center beta

Free and easy security scans for your PC - Try it


What it is

A free scanning and PC health service, to help delete viruses and other threats, and a support community to help keep you informed of the latest security issues.

What it gives you

• Quick, free scans of your system for viruses, and other threats

• On-demand tune ups of your PC

• No limit on the number of scans you can perform

• Security coverage that evolves to help you meet the latest threats

• Access to a support community for news and help

New - March 2006

Registry cleaner

Spyware detection.

Malware submission

Remote PC scan now available in Windows Live Messenger

Is not that bad!! :)

Except the Protection center nothing is new except that they have migrated all those tools from Offline to Online !!

Not really that much an attention grabbing Scan. The clean up scan does not find Too much of real "JUNK" the tune up also is not much of real Out of the ordinary tuning!!!! Quite a boring product :}

Edit - I just feel to be liking it now :whistle:

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It said it wasn't available for Firefox, maybe you're using a extension to embed IE in Firefox?

But what I meant to say is, the progress animation looks like the Firefox trobber, I just pasted the image of the FF trobber on the screenshot of the scan window.

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Hey guyz , has anyones scan reported any serious virus on this. I mean has this scan identified any really cunning virus?

does it clean viruses? i mean have you done it ever?

yes it cleases viruses, and yes i have seen it pick up the sober worm!

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:blink: Guyz , well , just ran the Registry Scanner .

Guess my result , even after regular scanning from Tune - Up and CCleaner !!!

548 Errorsssssssssss , altough i let it remove them , am lil afraid wether it was worthwhile , let us see now what happnes :}

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:( It again is a cleaner which gives me problems with my HP All in One.

No use it seems , showed me 548 errors which were actually not errors .

A few things i noticed -

1. The Virus scan and the spyware scan seemed to be happening differently , means first it will scan for virus and then again the whole scan but for spyware.

2. Haha , when you choose to customize the Virus Scan by selecting the folders to scan , there is a mess below the choosing window -

Features of the scanner may be updated as you procced.

It made me laugh , as if they are constantly updating it !!!

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@alsiladka - Thats why its called beta

I hope what you said hold true and they change it.

But many Registry Cleaners have some problem with my HP all in one . It is HP's fault . But i fear that this safety center shall also be along the same line.

The only ones that work fine are Tune Up and CCleaner.

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