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[Desktops] 2006

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Dream'n Of An Island...The Colors Of Toucan :hello:

Summer Liv'n.... :whistle: B) Last one for April... :)

Wall: Toucan

Skin: BlackComb..(Colors Inverted:Saturation,Gamma Adjustment..Blinds 5)

Icons: Azenis..Recolored (Icon Developer..Color,Saturation.Gamma)

Widgets: Clear Meter,Clear Weather, Silica Calendar 2)

Cursor: Green Fusion

Windows Media Centre: Wallpaper Slide Show

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/TCOFL.jpg


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Got bored with the last one, so have changed it again!!

1.jpg Clean

2.jpg Busy

VS is Caffeine in WB5, will be modifying that shortly

Desktop Sidebar ... Was Blackest by Illusion456/CrackerJo ... But I have modified that with the images, and layout.

Wallpaper from Digital Blasphemy

Widgets are from Konfabulator (now Yahoo widgets :} )

*edit to link to larger images, and show clean/busy

Edited by Grunth0s
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@Dagonet' - awesome desktop!!!

OK PEOPLE, Time for May desktops! This year is going fast! :D

@SiMoNsAyS - Time for april finalists

for next month lets take a little advice from the great one

next month just post about which desktop you like most instead of letting me choose my favorites
Edited by WolfX2
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