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Zxian's guide to Desktop Enchancements!


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Yup... Konfabulator is now known as Yahoo Widget Engine (or something of that sort). I haven't had much time to look into it (or update the guide), since my laptop just died, and school's started again.

Wait for screenshots from a new 1680x1050 laptop screen though... ;)

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PC Mag says that the 6000 weighs in at 7lbs. How much beefier does it get when you go with the 9-cell battery?

I personally prefer thin/light laptops for portability but this one should definitely serve you well if the display is your main attraction. And that extra battery power will certainly come in handy :)

Lots more details at NotebookReview.

Congrats on your purchase!

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I'd like to try to keep this thread as clean as possible, so only on topic discussions here please.

But to answer your question, I'm not sure how much more weight the 9-cell battery adds. For me, it's carried in my backpack and still weighs less than my average textbook, so I don't really mind all that much. For me, it's the full-sized keyboard, and the larger screen that does it for me. My dad's got one of the "ultra-portable" Sony laptops, and I have troubles typing on it.

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Zxian would you mind listing exactly what you have goin on in the right (as in left/right) screenshot? Id be interested to know just what modifications you are running there (as in what themes, background image, widgets, iconpacks, etc).


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In my desktop screenshot, I'm using the RoyalFour theme, AveDesk, and Smaurize. The background image is just something I found from Final Fantasy X. PM me if you want specifics.

I'm actually running Windows 2003 in that screenshot, since I get it free from my university, so you can see that most of this stuff works in Win2k3 as well as XP.

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The latter takes a bit of know-how, and should probably be described elsewhere by someone who's actually done it (DarkWader perhaps..?).

Ah, I didnt see this post before now.

I would have made that "howto" earlier, but since WB5 is released now, and mostly everyone has it, I wont bother doing that..

Unless someone begs me to :P

Its quite simple actually.

Resize the wallpaper to the screen resolution, cut the bottom of the wallpaper so that it will fit the taskbar.

Use Paintshop and create a 2 layer image, by using the taskbar bitmap and add a new layer that's around 70% opacue, paste the wallpaper cut and merge these two layers.

Use a program called ResEdit to edit the msstyle, and change the taskbar bitmap to the one you made in paintshop.


I realize this is an old post, but for others in the future I thought I'd post a simpler solution. At least if you own an Nvidia card. The NView option in the Nvidia drivers have supported changing the opacity of the Taskbar for some time now. From the classic Nvidia controls (might be possible from the new control panel, but I can't find it), go to Desktop Management and enable NView. Then scroll down to Effects and "Enable taskbar transparency" and set the desired level of opacity. Bingo. Though I have found when I play videos that the transparency turns off. And sometimes if a program is "using" the previously played video file, I have to close and reopen that file (whether it be a web browser, or some other program), before the transparency returns to normal.

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